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Does anyone's child have ADD and OCD?

What medicines does your child take?

My son currently takes Adderral. I am trying to decide to give him Adderral xr but worry that the OCD traits will increase. I wish there were something he could take for the OCD.

Any suggesstions would be greatly apprecited.

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My son has many OCD traits. Things have to be just so. He lines things up, can't stand sticky stuff, and hords everything. When he was tested for occupational therapy, a disoclored block threw him off so badly they had to remove that block. He also insists on putting things with like colors, or in rainbow color order. I think OCD is inherited, my hubby has many OCD traits, and so did his grandmother. Altho I have managed to de-sensitize hubby in most of his OCDness. He still rechecks things, and counts, and is really funny about water being on things like a faucets or the floor. I have read that antidepressants that react as serotonin is effective in treating OCD. Here are a few sights I have found.



My son also takes meds for bipolar disorder in addition to meds for ADHD. He takes a mood stabilizer and an antipsychotic, Depakote & Seroquel. His OCD traits are still there some what, but not near as bad. He can't take an anti depressant because of his BP, it can really effect him badly. When we get everything else going good, we may try to work on the OCD thing. Not with meds, b/c he can't take them, but with therapy & such.

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Wed, 09-17-2003 - 11:08am
Our 11 y.o. DS was diagnosed with ADHD/anxiety disorders a few years ago. He was put on Zoloft. To aid with the anxiety issues, he was tried on Adderall and Concerta. Adderall caused a significant increase in certain tics (throat clearing, finger sniffing). Concerta gave him "bad" thoughts that would turn mantra-like (he couldn't stop or block the thoughts). Wellbutrin was used to supplement the Zoloft.

Now, his OCD which had always lurked in the background has reared its head full force. Doc has chosen to stop the Zoloft, maintain the Wellbutrin and use 10mg Prozac to combat the OCD (if you can get the OCD under control, the anxiety should go down). Within (2) days, DS developed an allergic reaction to Prozac (broke out in hives).

Current status: Wellbutrin only until the Prozac is out of his system, then attempt something like Celexa or Luvox. Celexa is NOT (AFAIK) FDA approved for use in children.

Anafranil could be used, but is VERY cardio-toxic requiring weekly blood level testing.

Straterra (for ADHD, mostly) has not received positive results in this geographic area, according to doc.

Found this on the Web: http://www.ocfoundation.org/ocf1040a.htm

Hope this sheds some light for you.