opinion if given permission

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opinion if given permission
Tue, 08-12-2003 - 11:23am
Thank you again for the support,

The whole opinion thing has alot to do with the fact that my son lives with is dad and step mother in Arizona I am 2500 miles away but am planning to move out there very soon, I am also not allowed to disapline him (I dont believe in spanking) you get better results by talking to Jakob anyways, So anyways since I am not around as much as I wish I was and that I am so far away I dont have much of a say when it comes to thing like this his father has full custody long story, I have depression had a breakdown Jakob went to live with his father, right now I am waiting to hear from the dctor I probably have to call and talk to jakbs step mom to findout when the doctor will be calling because I really cant talk at work, well I gotta go thanks again for everything.

Oh ya your sons father isnt worth anything and he isnt worth knowing your little boy, my dad walked out on us when I was one and he is a piece of garbage and a waste of oxegyn your little boy is too special to have someone like that in his life your ex is unworthy of you and your little boy, sorry to sound so angry but I know what it feels like to have a parent walk out on you, good luck thanks again.