organization for jr. high? HELP!!

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organization for jr. high? HELP!!
Tue, 08-12-2003 - 12:23am
They need a buggy-eyed emoticon with the tongue hanging out. That's the one I'd use the most!

My son is starting jr. high and I need suggestions to help him keep his schoolwork organized according to class. I know I've heard it said many times that jr. high school presents more challenges for ADD kids because it requires more organization. I remember seeing an article somewhere last year on this, but I can't find it now. Anyone familiar with any articles or have experience with this?

It gets even trickier, because my husband and I both have ADD, too! So it's like the blind leading the blind. You should have (or maybe you SHOULDN'T have, LOL) seen my binders and lockers in jr. high--stuff falling out all the time. And I had a hard time remembering when I had homework and when stuff was due. I'm worried that I'm not going to know this stuff for him if he forgets to bring stuff home.

I'd surely appreciate any input on this! Thanks! Heidi



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Tue, 08-12-2003 - 10:12am
Is it possible for him to get a set of books to keep at home and then one set for school? (Our school does this as a matter of course since lockers were abolished several years back). The no-locker thing might be worth considering, if all he has to carry around throughout the day is his notebooks. That way it ALL comes home and it ALL goes to school with him on his back!

Then, is it possible for him to use a booksack at school? (Our school also went through a no-booksack phase, but for some of my ADD kids, we got special permission to have them.)

He will need an agenda or some way to keep track of homework every night. Then SOMEONE will need to make sure he has it filled out before he leaves school. My SIL fought this battle with my 7th grade ADHD nephew's teachers. She had to insist that his last hour teacher check his agenda daily and if it wasn't filled out, send him off to fill in the missing spots. He had a study hall type class last hour, so I could see where this would be a problem if he had math or something last hour. (you wouldn't want him roaming around or 15 minutes writing down his assignments during math class).

Most teachers like the kids to have their own binder and/or notebook for their class. But I find this gets cumbersome for all but the most organized kids. Most of my resource kids just end up putting everything in one binder or notebook or in the first notebook that they pull out of their booksack. If he CAN handle one notebook per class, that is probably the best way to go with a folder to put loose things in. Color coordinate them if you can. Make the notebook and folder match and then make those match the text book if possible. Make sure to write the name of the subject on it in large letters. Also include his name so that if he leaves it laying around it could be returned. You'd be amazed at how many nameless tablets we find laying around school.

If you have email, and communicate easily that way, share that with the teachers. I find if very difficult to get to the phone for every little thing, but email is much easier.

Consider having one bright red (or other striking color) folder for everything that must be turned in, so when the teacher says to pass up this or that, he knows right where to go to look for it.

That's my 2 cents as a middle school teacher. However, you should know, that my desk at school is a running joke in my classroom, and I took that Adult ADD test, and they said I was a candidate. So it might be the blind leading the blind leading the blind. LOL!


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Tue, 08-12-2003 - 12:39pm

My ADD SD is in middle school (same as JR HIGH) and is extremely disorganized. Part of the ADD problem we have to deal with as they enter middle school and eventually high school.

My suggestion:

1) Get him a binder with 3 rings. A 2" one will work great.

2) Get him a 3 hole pencil holder for the binder with a zipper.

3) Get enough 3-hole pocket folders for the binder to cover all subjects.

4) Write the name of each subject on the folder. On the inside have one pocket for notes and one pocket for homework.

5) Organize his backpack weekly.

6) If the school has one, get him a school planner to have him write the homework in.

7) Check the homework planner/homework/binder daily.

This helps SD when she is with us (only eow)and she's been pulling a B average this past year. We'll see if she'll continue this year. I can't control what happens at BM's apartment, but I do have control over what happens at our house. Hopefully what I mentioned above will help you. In addition, maybe making a meeting with each teacher and/or IEP director will help. I'm not sure if you have an IEP or a section 504 for your child, but if you don't have one, get one. It'll make a world of difference to your son. In addition, please note: in high school you want a section 504 and that can continue on into college. Colleges do not honor IEP's, just section 504's.

Good luck and I look forward to seeing more on this as the year progresses. Keep me posted on this. I'd like to know if it helps.