Parent Management Training for ADHD/ODD

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Parent Management Training for ADHD/ODD
Sat, 03-16-2013 - 9:21pm

Has anyone tried or taken part in Parent Management Training classes or groups to help with the behavioral issues we see in children with ADHD and/or ODD

What about social skills groups for your child?  I've been considering both, especially the social skills group for him.  But at the same time, the rx to some extent "masks" the issues and yes it does make it easier to deal with him, but you see a different child on and off the meds.  sometimes if you take meds then the issues arent as noticable, making it more difficult to treat.  

ODD at least to one article I read is suppose to be partially due to the aDHD, with up to 40% of children with aDHD also having ODD, but also due to being under stress... if thats the case, my son has had it since he was preschool age... sorry but I have a hard time understanding why a 4 year old would be stressed out or depressed for the most part.. 


Single mom to an internationally adopted son, age 9 3/4; adopted at age 2.5 months from country of Georgia; diagnosed with ADHD, ODD and developmental delay issues

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Wed, 03-20-2013 - 3:48pm

I haven't but I would be interested in attending one if I came across it.  My son did some peer social skills groups with the elementary school counselor, not sure how much of an affect it had on him though.  He's always been an anomoly to every educator he's come across, including his daycare provider.  

As I look back, he's been ODD since he was very young, although he wasn't a difficult baby or toddler.  I don't think that toddlers do get depressed or stressed, that doesn't make sense to me.  Maybe it just manifests itself differently at that age, or as they age and face new obstacles it becomes more obvious.  Behavior therapy is recommended as the best solution for handling ODD.