Is this possible??

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Is this possible??
Mon, 04-28-2003 - 8:03am
Is it possible for Celexa to cause (allow) a child to do things she would not normally do. Its as if it has taken away all her worries and inibihitions(sp?).

My DD7 SK, SID, possible NLD, possible ADD is currently having full testing done. Was put on Celexa March 12(this is the 5th med we have tried incl ritilan), noticed a small improvement in mood and increased meds to 20mg just prior to easter. Since last wednesday she has done something each and every day that we find very unusual, she's always been a bit weird so I did not even twig till now, but it seems to be going too far this time. Some examples.

She usually makes messes in the kitchen with whatever she finds around but this time she put food dye all over the new floor and baseboards and cupboards. She would draw with crayons prior, at least something we could remove. She has also put sparkles all over the upstairs carpets etc.. which she got from a place she does not usually let me find out she's been into, cause she's not allowed. LOL Come to think of it she's been in there a lot lately. She also went into the classroom at school at lunchtime and stole a couple of awards from other kids desks. And the final straw is.... just yesterday she made a 'house' with a tent in our livingroom, she took in her toothbrush, pillow, bucket and toilet paper etc.. That's not so unusual, however she actually went to the washroom in the bucket if you can imagine, I'm sure some of you can. She has also stolen some things from stores lately, now I'm writing this I'm thinking of lots of stuff that's been going on.

She is a nightmare on a regular basis, when she's not being an angel, but this all seems too much, even for her. Could the meds be causing this??

I can't get hold of the Dr. at the moment as their offices are closed due to SARS, we live in toronto.

Cross posted. Thanks, Susan