possible signs in a 4 year old/Montessori School

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possible signs in a 4 year old/Montessori School
Tue, 10-12-2010 - 4:02pm

I have a son who will be 4 in November.

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My son is just about 4.5 yrs old and was just diagnosed on Friday for ADHD. I saw signs early on but started with structure and it seemed to work constantly with him at first. If that structure was altered he would have melt downs and just be

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You can definitely get help at a young age. Our son was being treated by Kaiser at three for "strong indicators" of ADHD. We didn't get an official diagnosis until he was five, but we did meet with a child psychologist at three for behavioral advice. From there, we moved on to a behavioral therapist. Still no results and our son was kicked out of preschool, so we met with a child psychiatrist for treatment. Our son started ADHD medications at four and they completely transformed his life. He's doing great at school and at home when the medication is active.

Kids with ADHD tend to thrive on routine and structure, so Montessori is known for not being ideal. However, our son was in a very structurered preschool and still was kicked out. Check the website for ADDitude magazine. They did an article about ADHD in preschoolers three or four years ago and it may be archived there.

Our son had all of the symptoms you described and more at that age. I urge you to talk about your concerns with your son's pediatrician and get a referral to specialists for an evaluation. It could be ADHD, it could be something else. The earlier you can get help for your child, the better. You may not get a diagnosis, but you can get support and advice.

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Hi, and welcome!
I also agree that 4 is too young for an ADHD diagnosis, not unheard of, but young. It is possible there are other things going on, not ADHD, or in addition to ADHD. I would wait until he is in school, and have him evaluated if he is still having problems.

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4 is young (IMO) for an ADHD diagnosis, and from what you described it could be ADHD or it could be many other things.