Psychologist question

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Psychologist question
Thu, 04-17-2003 - 1:09pm
We have used psychologists in the past at times where we thought we'd benefit from some help regarding our son. It has been awhile since we've gone and we just scheduled an appt. with a new one for this coming week. My son is 8, ADHD with some ODD characteristics. Now the psych. we are seeing is going to see all of us (me, hubby and son) that day-- but my question is--how do you tell the psychologist all the background information while your child is there? Typically in the past I think we had met alone with the psych. person first. I surely do not want to tell all in front of my son, that will not help him in anyway.. is this something you've experienced? Do you think he will wait and meet with us alone the second time?
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Thu, 04-17-2003 - 2:11pm
I have the same problem with my son's pdoc. My son is only 4 but very sensitive about being talked about and feels he's being judged. The pdoc is excellent but insists on seeing Jamie with us every time.

The solution I came up with was to journal a little every day, picking out things I either found disturbing and/or inappropriate.

At the end of the month I go through my notes and paraphrase them and hand them to the pdoc when we start the appt. It's only half a page long unless we've had a really bad month, and he gets to "hear" our concerns and ask my son appropriate questions without having a Jamie bashing session. Also with some of the things my kid thinks and says they are truly weird, not little boy weird truly WEIRD. I always include any conversation that he and I have that exhibits that type of thought process.

Just a suggestion, hope it helps.


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Thu, 04-17-2003 - 10:51pm
Well, sometimes I have had to talk in front of my son, most times he is playing with toys & pay no attention to what I am saying. On our first visit we went in alone & then Joiner went in alone & then we all went in. That was a 2 hour visit with the child psychiatrist. Did they psychologist give you any papers to fill out? Also, tell then you don't feel confortable talking about your son in front of your son. I do it, and there has been no problem. I think that maybe Joiner listens a bit & may learn something about himself & how he acts, Wishful thinking maybe.