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This is my first post to this site. I just found it today and boy, am I ever glad I did. 3 years ago, my dh and I fostered 2 half brothers. One (older) had several diagnosis and the other (we were told) did not have any issues. When we got them into school, we found that both boys had ADHD. They are both on Adderall XR and it works pretty well. We are very strict and routinized (what a great way to always run a family, huh?).

Our problem is our oldest son is suddenly having issues in school. When he came to us, he had had a staff assigned to him during school hours to keep him on task and run interference between him and his peers as well as help to keep some of his other behaviors under some kind of control. In the public school here he did not have this and did remarkably well (we were told it was because of our adoption, stable environment, etc). We moved them both to a Christian private school as we are Christians and we didnt like some of the things they were learning in public school as well as the smaller classes and the discipline. The first year (last year) the oldest did very well. In fact, he was 4th in his class of 14(we were told that he was borderline MR and that he would probably need special education all his life). This year, he has been 3 days and recieved 10 demerits (60=expulsion) for talking out of turn (REPEATEDLY), getting out of his seat and running around, using "smart language" to the teacher and not following general class rules. He is having a growth spurt, but the psychiatrist increased his adderall to compensate. Home life hasnt changed very much and his teacher is quite caring and encouraging.

We will be seeing the psychiatrist in 2 weeks, but at this rate, he will be expelled by October 1 if not before. Any suggestions?

Also, does anyone have any experience (if something like this exists) with schools that deal directly and exclusively with children with ADHD? He has had such a bad life, that we want to give him the very best we can and at the same time encourage him to be a responsible and respectful young man. Are we hoping for too much?

Thanks for this great board. I have been encouraged just in reading what little I have read so far.

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Thanks again!!


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Has increasing the Adderall helped?

Sounds like it just may not be working anymore, and maybe a change to another med is in order.

That can always be fun - not - since it's sometimes trial and error. I hope you are able to communicate with the school, and I hope they will be somewhat understanding while you are trying to find answers.

Good luck! And welcome to the board.



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