QUESTION !!!!!! Let's see how many will

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QUESTION !!!!!! Let's see how many will
Fri, 05-09-2003 - 9:42am
answer this!

With so many of us having so many problems with our kids, I thought it would be nice to post what is it you do like about your child. What are the qualities about your child that are an asset. Newbies need to know that not everything is awful, that there are good aspects of AD/HD. Let's hear about them.


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Fri, 05-09-2003 - 9:48am
OK here's mine. It's one word, I wished I had so much of that one word. It's {{{{{{{ENERGY}}}}}}}!!!!!!! Oh boy do I wished I had the energy, then maybe I could keep up! I love it in Joiner. He show it in his art work the best. LOTS of bright colors & lots of movement. It's so energetic.

I also love the sweet boy he is, even when he is angry & unreasonable, I know he is just a sweet boy with a huge problem inside him. The sweet boy show up eventually.

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Fri, 05-09-2003 - 10:30am
I agree about "Energy". Aye Y ayee!!! I wish he'd put his

energy into cleaning house once in a while instead of

banging things on the ground outside and other things he

does to let out

One thing I LOVE is the suprises. For example, Tim came

home yesterday and went straight to homework. I wondered if

he was sick or if I was halucinating (I didn't tell him that though,

I didn't want the dream to end). A few days before, he grabbed

a bag of trash and took it out, He Took it across the street and

down someone elses alley and dumpster but he STILL took it out..LMAO.

we just have a little bitty roll out, I think he wanted to take it

to an open dumpster so he wouldn't have to lift the lid.

I was so proud of him last week at the special olympics.

I kept zooming the camera on him just so I could see what

he was doing and he was doing good keeping with his

helper and groups. If he'd been with me, he would of been

up and down the stands, climbing on the rails, laughing

at people who were wearing strange clothes and hairdos (we have to

work on this!! but I know hes never been exposed to

pink hair and body tatoos and piercings so, naturally he laughed)

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Fri, 05-09-2003 - 1:47pm
Hello everyone!I have 3 children diagonsed adhd.What is really great about Johnny(9),and Makayla (5) is that they are very helpful.They are more helpful in school then home but they do help out some at home.In school they help out the younger children.Johnny will help children in grades k-2,he'll help them to there bus,help them with school work,talk to them like a counsler,etc.

Makayla is in head start and she helps all her peers,she is a mother hen.My youngest Kirk Jr. started head start this past Sept and they put him in the same class as Makayla,they had to seperate them into different classes because Makayla was helping Kirk and he wasn't learning anything,cause she was doing everything for him.

They are all very loving too.They love to give me and there dad hugs and kisses and they love to be around us.And,they all are very smart.Makayla was gettting help with speech and special ed.they have discontinued those services and she will be in reg kindergarten class in sept.She is age approaite in all areas,which is great considering she has a problem staying on task.

Melissa and the 3 rugrats,lol
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Fri, 05-09-2003 - 10:09pm
Good question, Kathy!

What I like about DS #1: his sensitivity, his willingness to help, his sweet personality, his creativity, that he doesn't beat his pesky little brother to a pulp when sometimes he'd like to, he sees the positive things in a situation, when he gives his brother a piggy back ride, or thinks I'm sleeping on the couch and covers me up.

What I like about DS #2: his sense of humor, his ability to have an answer in any situation, that he will stand up for himself, the way he looks up to his brother, the way they cheer each other on when they play ball, the way he remembers everything - especially when you would rather he NOT remember it

Qualities that will serve them well in the future:

DS #1 - his ability to get along with others and his ability to accentuate the positive

DS #2 - his persistance and his verbal skills (though, those same qualities nearly drive me to drink some days ;-)


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Sun, 05-11-2003 - 9:31am
This is actually a very good exercise ... I remember doing this years ago, and I'd keep my list and look at it when I got really upset with Kevin (who has ODD in addition to ADHD) ...

Kevin is extremely bright, sensitive and (on a good day) very loving. He is handsome (the girls are recognizing that already ... but he hasn't figured it out, so he's still pretty modest.) He is intense ... and although that can be a frustrating quality, it also adds to his determination when trying something new/different. He can be focused on things he really enjoys. He is an exceptional baseball player and is generally a team leader. He is a blue belt in karate ... 2 1/2 years away from being able to get his black belt ... which requires a lot of focus and concentration, learning and memorizing katas (series of different moves and such.) He has a keen sense of justice.



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Mon, 05-12-2003 - 4:22pm
My son has the most amazing memory. He can read something once, and remember it forever. Teaching him is wonderful because he wants to know everything. His enthusiasm is breathtaking. He is also the happiest child I have ever known. He is my happy tornado that blows through my day leaving me tired, but happy.

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Sun, 05-18-2003 - 11:00pm
This is a great idea!

Liam is extremely gentle and patient. Also he is a great compromiser because he is a good listener (when interested). Most of all, what I like about him, is he sees the good in everything. (Just like me).

I must not forget handsome, wicked smart, and he has the biggest blue eyes imaginable. It comes up every time someone meets him!

Now I am thinking about when I first brought him home from the hospital and stayed up for hours just so I could watch him sleep. THank you so much for these memories!!!!

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Mon, 05-19-2003 - 2:31pm
I love my son's interesting way of thinking, his creativity, his ability to build things without directions,his ability at age 8 to still tell me he loves me, and kiss me goodbye before school each morning. His affectionate side is something i the right mood he will sit and play with my hair and talk to me lol.
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Mon, 05-19-2003 - 4:04pm
This is a nice question! I do love so many things about my daughter (9 years old). She is extraordinarily brave. She can convince herself to try something new or do something I would have balked at heavily as a child. She is adventurous and loves to laugh. Her memory is amazing as well. I can take her to the store and I often tell her what I need because I either forget my list or forget what I went to the store for. She reminds me without fail. She also helps me problem solve. She is very good at seeing things in a different way. She learns school subjects faster than I did at her age, too. My daughter was born with an independent spirit that is vexing to me often as a parent, but on the other hand makes me feel less worried about her future with peers. My 5 year old (not adhd) is so passive and agreeable, I can vision her being easily led astray. Not so with my 9 year old. She is a great girl with a generous sense of sharing. I love that kid.
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Fri, 05-23-2003 - 7:24am

I have found talking to many people about having a high maintenance child (adhd) that the hardest part is to stay positive and to see good in their child instead of all the bad. My son is 8 years old and is a typical adhd child. But he also has a very kind heart and is always looking in helping people even though it may not turn out that way. He is a very smart child and I believe in 10 years time he will exceed in anything he puts his mind to. My job is to make sure he finds that path that will make him happy. I in 10 years time will be grey or maybe with no hair from stress but he will be fine. But really that is all that matters