Ripleys Believe it or not/ Wax museum

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Ripleys Believe it or not/ Wax museum
Sat, 06-07-2003 - 10:06pm
We just got home from Grand Prarie: Ripleys Believe it or not and

Palace of Wax. It was pretty good. Me and Tim went with his

Sunday School Group. Tim kind of breezed through it a little

scared but when it was all done he was excited to talk about it non stop.

He did good though. I thought it was awesome. The Ripleys

stuff was cool too. (I like strange trivial stuff I guess).

There was a mirror there to let you practice rolling your tounge

like these other people can do, and at the end of the museum it

shows that it was a two way mirror with a camera and showing a

video of a bunch of people trying to do

I saw and read what a real "Shrunken head" was. a log cabin made out

of 18,000 pennies, sculptures made of junk, fingernails.

a tornado simulance (Like I needed, I could go on and

on. Tim will definately have alot in his brain this week to

talk about. He didn't freak out, we didn't have to stay in a big

group and I was able to talk him through things.