Started kids on Strattera today

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Started kids on Strattera today
Thu, 06-19-2003 - 2:49am
Hi, haven't been here in a while--used to be kind of regular here last fall. I'm a cl on the Adults with ADD/ADHD board now, so that takes a lot of my time. I'm back with a question!

Both of my kids--ds, age 12, and dd, age 10, have been on Adderall XR and have done pretty well with it. Feedback from my son's teacher, however, indicated that he was still having a really hard time paying attention. He has been on 15 mg, and I already know that upping that to 20 mg keeps him up all night. My daughter has done pretty well on 15 mg as well, although she typically does have some rebounding coming off of it. Finding the right med and dose for her was a nightmare. Academics went down the toilet this past year. I was glad to just finish the year with her in one piece. She's really smart but didn't get a lot of stuff turned in because of disorganization and forgetting.

We went in yesterday for their 3-month med review and I asked the doc to try them on Strattera. I've had some folks on the Adults board report success with it. I like the fact that it's a nonstimulant and that it builds up in your system like an anti-depressant does, so the rebounding and sleep issues are less prevalent. With this being summer and break from school, I thought this would be the best time to try it.

My question is, for those of you who have tried Strattera with your kids, is what kind of side effects did they experience, and did you end up taking them off of it or did the effects lessen with time? I read the insert but it's all greek to me (blame it on MY ADD), so it's easier for me to hear in normal people language. LOL

Both of them were pretty sleepy today, and I have heard that that is pretty common. Oh, my daughter is also on 10 mg fluoxetine (generic of Prozac). Should I be concerned about the two together?

I look forward to any input! Heidi



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