Stratterra with stimulant for anxiety???

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Stratterra with stimulant for anxiety???
Tue, 09-23-2003 - 7:40pm
Just had our med review with ped, and we can now add generalized anxiety disorder to the ADHD. The poor kiddo...we are seeing a child psych to address some behavior mod stuff but the ped just recomended adding Strattera along with the metadate CD 20mg. He said after 2 months if we see improvement in the anxiety issues we can try weening him off of the metadate and seeing if the strattera will address both the anxiety and the adhd for him.

So are others doing both stimulants and Strattera??

Anyone using Strattera to address anxiety as well as adhd??

And am I the only one crazy enough to not want to stop the stimulant!?!?! I'm sorta wanting to stay on it during school! He is doing 100% better his teacher even wrote a note to us today saying he was doing fabulous!!! and Jake showed it to the DR (what timing for the note I think it was planned!!)

We are actually not starting the Strattera quite yet, I wanted to research the use of it for anxiety and give some more behavior mod stuff a try (ie talk the the child psych a time or two about it)we can try it whenever I'm ready

thanks for listening!!


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Tue, 09-23-2003 - 10:25pm
You are your seeing a psychiatrist? They can prescribe meds, and I think are more qualified to prescribe these kind of meds. When we started really having prblems with my son, his pediatrician even said that it was way out of his league. The psychiatrist now prescribes them meds. I do know strattera has anti depressant qualities to it. And if it does the job for the ADHD it may be the only med needed, if it helps with the anxiety too. You never know how it will work, each child is different in how they react to the meds. A good place to look up the med is at webmd. I find all kind of help for my sons meds.
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Wed, 09-24-2003 - 8:15am
We are currently using both the strattera and the metadate. He takes 40 mg metadate in the morning and 25 mg strattera at about 5 pm. He just went back to the dr last Mon after being on the strattera for a month and he kept him on both till we go back in 2 months. I can see a difference in him in the evening and the morning. He is much easier to deal with. But I don't think it's enough to go off the metadate yet. I know it can take like 6 or more weeks to get the full affect of the strattera. Since he has been on the strattera I have no problem taking him somewhere at night and he is no problem to get ready for school in the morning.

My ds's psychiatrist said this to me. We are dealing with dopamine and addrenaline. The adderal, which ds has never taken and won't because I am afraid of it after all I have heard about what it does to some people, addresses both the addrenaline and the dopamine. But there are side affects that I do not want to take the chance on. The metadate addresses the dopamine for a certain amount of time. The strattera addresses the addrenaline and a little bit of the dopamine. So by taking both together, we are getting the affect of both working and affecting the dopamine and the addrenaline without the side affects that can come from the adderal. I hope I said all that right and sorry if I mispelled anything.

Isn't it wonderful when they come home and they have good reports about their day. I remember that from 2nd grade and 3rd grade and it is so wonderful for us and for them. I remember the teachers coming up to me and telling me how great he was doing. K and 1st were difficult and then we started the meds in 2nd grade. He is in 4th now and still doing wonderfully. It is so nice to not worry about how his day will be. I know now that there are no problems. In 1st grade I used to dread the phone ringing during the day or right after school and as soon as I heard the teachers voice I felt like a kid feels when they are sent to the principals office. That hasn't happened in over 2 years.

Good Luck.