Thank you so much for the support

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Thank you so much for the support
Mon, 09-15-2003 - 9:52pm
Thank you all so much for your input and support. Kyle has been on Ritalin, Focalin, Straterra and Adderall, and Adderall XR. Not sure if Concerta is a derivative of Ritalin, I think that's what Doc said when I asked about it. I was told the only other meds out there for us to turn to now would be anti-depressant type meds. I've also had Kyle off Add. XR on the weekends and it just didn't agree with his system being on and off so often like that.

I agree it's time to move on to a Pediatric Neurologist. I'll start doing my homework, I remember looking into something like this before and them telling me how much it would cost to have Kyle tested. Does anyone have any info on this? Can we just have a consultation with a Ped Neuro? I imagine they won't do any treatment without testing.

Thank you all again for the support.


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Tue, 09-16-2003 - 9:42am

My insurance covered part of our evaluation. The PhD coded it as AD/HD related. She said not to be too surprised it the company didn't cover any tests they say are related to learning disabilities. She said, at the most it would be around $2000 smackers. But, I can tell you it has been worth every penny. And we don't go to the final show and tell until the 24th. Still, I know so much more then I did before the evaluation. After that, I can take the tests to the the school who's district we live in, and ,as they are tests, the school will use them. The school may want to further evaluate. But these tests will get the IEP ball rolling. We shall see!

If you decide to do this, one thing you might want to find out is what neuro physiologist your school district refers to for testing. Also, get as many references as possible from other parents, your doctor, etc. Personally, I interviewed 4 different Ph D's. Even started working with one, when I decided he just wasn't getting all the 411 we needed. So I switched to the one we are using now. The other guy was very understanding, and cooperative.

My ins is Cigna health care preferred. Generally not the best, or most cooperative company, But in this case, they have been great.



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Tue, 09-16-2003 - 9:44am
I am glad your going on. Is it a pediatrician he is currently seeing? That is what we did for a while, until even the ped said we needed to go to someone who specializes is childrens mental health. I am not sure if a Neurologist can prescribe meds. They can test, and Joiner neuro psycholigist does therapy. We have to go to a child psychiatrist for his meds.

I would think you could have a consult first. And most good docs will do that before anything else. Good luck. Ask around for a good doc. Usually it will take a month or so to get an appointment.

Good Luck in your search.