tierd but still a long way to go...

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tierd but still a long way to go...
Fri, 09-04-2009 - 4:17pm

Hi my son is 6. he hasnt been diagnosed yet with ADHD, but referd to a specialist by my doctor, who thinks he has got ADHD,

Ive always said a mothers instinct is usualy right, since he day my son could walk and talk ive always had a feeling that something just wasnt right,

I have got a daughter who is 10, and she is nothing like my son. they are complete opposite in everything they do,

I am reading a book on ADHD and everything i have read so far is my son to a T. I feel worn out with dealing with my son everyday, He likes to push me to the limit, and annoy hes sister none stop.

I do try not to shout at him to much, and i do try to understand hes way of thinking. Everyting is a big deal