Tomorrow is last day of Kindergarten

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Tomorrow is last day of Kindergarten
Sun, 06-15-2003 - 9:00pm
Taylor made it! I am so relieved. For a while (even though her teachers told me she would), I was concerned they were going to keep her back. She's behind in some of the fundamentals, but I'm going to work with her some this summer. I've noticed a huge jump in her ability to write. She's still not reading, but she's gotten better about letter recognition. Math is a strong point for her, which is good because I hated math. I won't get her grades until sometime next month. The only thing I'm not happy about is they want to "interview" her at some point in August to see if she's done any maturing or changing over the summer before they place her with her new teacher. All of her friends in her class know who they are getting. I did explain it to her and told her it wasn't anything for her to worry about, that the school just wanted to make sure they put her with the best teacher for her. The school guidance counsellor is planning on making sure that Taylor gets into a class with at least one of her girlfriends from this year. I'm very grateful for that. From September until March, the girls in the class didn't want anything to do with her. Now, since the medication, she's got 4 very close friends who just adore her. (thank You God!) I'm holding my breath at this point because I want so much for her to have a good time in the YMCA summer program. I'm hopeful that her behavior doesn't lead to her being dismissed from the program. We've talked about it and I've let her know that her other option (should she get dismissed) is to spend the summer with my parents. She loves them dearly, but what 6 year old would have fun ALL summer with 70 year olds? :) Soccer starts in two weeks and will go through October. We're also going to Atlanta in August to visit Taylor's father. He hasn't seen her in 3 years. This is going to be an interesting summer!