Update/Sucess (Hopefully)

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Update/Sucess (Hopefully)
Fri, 09-04-2009 - 1:17pm

So I have won the war! I finally got my husband to agree to TRY medications. We are on day 6 of meds and I cannot even BEGIN to tell you what a difference it has made! My son is still the same full of energy kid ...but he is MUCH happier! You can see it! I am overwhelmed. Literally within half on hour of taking the first pill he sat still and watched an entire cartoon for half an hour! He's not perfect- he still does annoying things ..the difference is that he has more control..I see him stopping himself. Also I don't have to tell him to stop TEN times. He stops the first time. He is not getting in trouble all the time. He is more loving..more focused. I'm getting that kid that I always knew there but was hidden under all that "crap"! Going to the store is not a disaster....Our house has been peaceful..he has gone full days with out a meltdown. He has even told me that he is happier. I didn't tell anyone but my husband about the meds..and everyone else has noticed too that he is so much calmer and happier! It's amazing! I'm scared that it's going to wear off...lol I keep holding my breath..I"m so happy for him! In no way did I want to go this route..BUT now that I see what it's doing for him. I"m glad I have! I hope it continues to be positive!

Just wanted to share!

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Fri, 09-04-2009 - 6:51pm

Yeah!!! I'm so glad you got him on the same page about medication. It sounds like it was just as life-changing as it was for our family. I could have written your words exactly at the time we tried Ritalin.

Congrats! And don't stress too much about things stopping working so well. There is usually room to increase the dosage and that often brings behavior right back to the appropriate level.