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Valuable Information
Wed, 04-16-2003 - 9:02am
For the person who asked for ADD/ADHD info:

I have two small children (one with "Sensory Integration/Defensiveness,"

which is related to ADD) ADHD runs in my family. Therefore, I am always on

the lookout for similar info. A few years ago, I went to a seminar where

Dr. Marcus Cobb, M.D. ("A Medical Perspective" tape) and his colleague Joe

Clementi spoke. They first strongly encouraged removing all toxic chemicals from

the home and replacing them with safer alternatives, since the body and

brain react negatively to these. They then recommended taking Vita-Bears

or Vitality Pak as directed (depending on body weight) and ProVex Plus

(1 mg per pound of body weight per day, split into two doses). In

addition, take Cell-Wise (1/day) and Sustain. If the person (or child)

cannot swallow a pill, then put the Cell-Wise and ProVex Plus in a blender

with the Sustain. The only thing I would do is check with the company

again regarding what age is safe to take Cell-Wise--the bottle says for

over 75 lb. There is something about the natural fructose in the

Sustain that aids the neurotransmitters in the brain. I then found some articles

that support all this. Since I do not have a home fax, here are some highlights

of what I found some time ago in the

Healthy and Natural Journal (Aug. '98):

"The symptoms of ADD/ADHD are often triggered by environmental factors.

Children who are having reactions to food and/or environmental allergens

run the risk of being labeled ADD or ADHD...The solution may be as simple

as changing the diet, improving the quality of indoor air, or

discontinuing the use of biologically harmful substances...Behavior and

thought processes can be altered by 'assaults' from exposure to chemicals

and allergens...Eliminating hazardous cleaners and decorating products

from your environment is the best way to fix this problem." The

article goes on to say that other causes of ADD/ADHD..."may be due to

mineral, enzyme, neurotransmitter, and essential fatty acid or amino acid

deficiencies passed on from one generation to the next, rather than a 'bad

gene.' This is something that can be corrected nutritionally.

Minerals determine the body's ability to utilize amino acids. Amino

acids, in turn, regulate neurotransmitter levels, especially serotonin.

A neurotransmitter is the chemical language sent between cells in the

human brain and has the responsibility for behavior and learning. People

with ADD/ADHD lack sufficient supplies of neurotransmitters, especially

serotonin...A deficiency of neurotransmitters has a dramatic effect on

children's' or adults' ability to learn and function in an orderly


Another article in the same issue (about school-age children and

concentration problems) states that "for mental clarity, ginkgo takes a

well-deserved first place...Ginkgo can help both short-term and long-term

memory. It will help blood supply to the capillary beds in the brain. It

will also aid both neural transmitters and receptor sites in the brain."

These articles, along with other research, encouraged me to really give

the above "concoction" a try (minus the Cell-Wise because I wanted to see

if the rest would work first). Life has (thankfully) not been the same

since. My daughter no longer overreacts to every spoken word or movement

around her. Life is no longer a constant battle. If anyone wants more

detail, you may e-mail me personally. Hope this helps.