What causes ADD/ADHD

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What causes ADD/ADHD
Thu, 09-04-2003 - 1:00pm
Hi there all, I am a mother of three precious boys! My middle son Mat has ADD he is 9.

The truth is that DR.s do not inform parents as they should I think. My son was given RITALIN in the last 9 weeks of scholl. The truth is that I am angry now to have been so stupid to actualy have given hom the med. Why? Well for starters this medicine causes cancer of the liver (tumors) and kidneys. First of all there are over 7,000,000 children in the US taking it. THAT IS SAD ! After doing my own research I realized that chemicals in our household are responsible for ADD, CANCER, BIRTH DEFFECTS, ALLERGIES, ETC. So I changes stores. My son got off the medicine late June adn after changing cleaners, soaps, and giving him natural products, "HE IS ANOTHER CHILD" That for me is enough.

Look TIDE has in it the same amount of phosphates as fertilizer in our yard. Johnson & Johnson's Talc and baby shampoo cause cancer because they hace carcinogines. Now we all buy it because it is suppose to be good for our children

If anyone is intrested in reciving a list of Toxic products email me at: gemmallanes@bellsouth.net

Guys for your family's well being help me create awarness and change stores, it could change and save your lifes!


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Thu, 09-04-2003 - 6:55pm
Many things can mimic ADHD, allergies being one of them. One of the first things we did was eliminate red dye, then have my son tested for allergies. I am glad you have researched, that's the best thing you can do! I however am not sorry I gave my son meds. I have seen what it can do to someone who was not given meds. My brother in law was DXed ADHD in 1969. He was not given meds. He is now an alcoholic drug user with no job. He says he uses to keep his brain quiet. I wished he would go in for the adult adhd testing, but he wont. He says he is doing fine the way he is. Self medicating is dangerous.

Anyway, each child is different. Each experience is different. I am glad you found something that works for your child.

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Fri, 09-05-2003 - 8:47pm
Well, research is a good thing - I've done lots and lots of reading - I haven't found anything about these drugs causing cancer. This was a well-thought out decision to medicate our DS.

And - I think with a lot of ADHD kids (and there is a lot of GOOD research to support this) will self-medicate as a teener or sooner. I'm going with the Concerta rather than have my son use pot or alcohol at 13 or so. Sorry to be blunt, but that's what we're facing anyway - much, much higher risks with our ADHD kids.

Look, many things can be wrong with our bodies - not enough insulin, too much sugar, over/underactive thyroid, allergies, etc, etc. Most of us don't mind treating these things with MODERN medicine. Why not brain problems? Why are we so resistent - not just for ADHD, but for all kinds of stuff - depression, anxiety, etc.

Chemicals are a good thing - I'm thankful to live in an age when we can understand more about the brain and how to treat brain disorders.

How sad that we as a society still run from good help that is available due to panic and unrealistic fear and being stigmatized. Too sad for our kids who need help, especially.

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Sun, 09-07-2003 - 2:53pm
Well, it seems like any of us who choose not to medicate our children are attacked.

Your research states children who don't take medication will turn into drug abusers and my research states those children who do take meds from a young age are likely to abuse drugs. Hmmmm, so which research is correct?

I think it's sad that so many children each week go to the doctor for squirming in their seats and are given "a magic pill" and everyone is suppose to be happy.

I think our society is diminishing with so many people depending on medication. I don't think it's sad that people want to run from medication that causes so many other effects in our bodies.

I have an entire file of inforamtion regarding ADD............and yes, I have in that file articles that state that ritalin can cause cancer.

There is no one right or wrong answer here. Unfortunately, this problem is growing and effecting our wonderful innocent children. We need to educate ourselves and not rely on one way thinking. I read a great line from a women's story---the line is "There is nothing wrong with ADHD children, the world just doesn't move fast enough to keep up with THEM." : ) How true is that..........these are all wonderful children that need our time, love, efforts.

So let's not attack one another.....instead let's pull together and help one another on this journey.

Take Care Everyone!


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Sun, 09-07-2003 - 7:14pm
I agree. And if it was as easy as 1 magic pill, I'd love to try it. I have yet to find that pill. Usually ADHD children who are medicated also benefit from behavior modifications and some help learning how to deal with their ADHD. There are several ways in dealing with ADHD kids, some of course are not as severe as others and they could benefit from just behavior mods. However, others need more than that. Beleieve me I would LOVE to have my son off his meds. BUT, we have tried that. I always say, you never know what soemone is going through until you have walked a mile in their shoes.

I have hear several professionals quote studies that support the fact that a non medicated, and non helped, ADHD child are at risk of using illegal drugs. Now if the child IS being helped meds or non then this is good. You do what you need to do. Now, if you would post the links to the studies that say these meds cause cancer, then others may read it and make up their own minds. I love to read & educate myself on my sons disorders. I have researched all his meds before he was put on them. Yes, there are others who disagree with you, but post the info and let them make up their own minds.

Here are a few links.




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Mon, 09-08-2003 - 11:16pm
I also agree.IMHO Whether we medicate or not

we come here for SUPPORT! Not to bash each

other! My 6yo dd has been on Concerta and

off Concerta, and that is MY choice as her parent.

I have read all the studies and all the reports

as to pros and cons and for some kids meds

ARE the ONLY answer.I congratulate everyone

here on caring enough about their kids to

HELP them!That is all we are trying to do

Help our kids grow to be productive adults!

And I am willing to do ANYTHING to help

my dd's succeed!!! I am sure everyone else is also!

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Thu, 09-18-2003 - 6:51pm
confused, in 1969 your brother was DIAGNOSED with something other than ADHD. the names were different then than they are now. What was it called then? Why didn't the doctors do anything to help him?


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Thu, 09-18-2003 - 6:56pm
After more than forty years of prescribing Ritalin, the FDA along with the National Cancer Institute called for MORE TESTING "because of its widespread use in human medicine and -- lack of data on its potential carcinogenicity". The National Toxicology Program accepted responsibility for conducting trials on carcinogenicity and in June 1993 released results showing that feeding mice Ritalin induced liver tumors including very rare and highly malignant cancers. These results were found at levels close to those routinely prescribed for children. More studies are being planned for testing Ritalin, but the evidence is strong. Animal tests are very good predictors of human health effects. In fact, the International Agency for Research on Cancer suggests that if a chemical is proven to cause cancer in animals, it should be treated as it it were cancer-causing in humans as well.


i hope this helps! i'm not too sure on the new studies, but still looking!

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Fri, 09-26-2003 - 12:45pm

I am so in agreement with you. I will not medicate my child. Hey if he 'really' needed it then yes. The only problem the school has to say about him is that he is "constant motion" so what. its first grade. He is at the top of his class and probably should be in second grade, but the school focuses on his motion "problem" as they call it. I've been told my son is bipolar, odd, and the latest one is ADHD. This from school administrators that have less than an education than me.

the teacher asked "what should I do with him when he is moving around" I said let him walk around the class room" jeez its not rocket science. (I should know thats what I do for a living)...anyways your post was wonderful and so worth the read.



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Sat, 09-27-2003 - 11:18am
School administration are not legally allowed to tell you your child is ADHD, ODD or Bipoalr. They can't even suggest it. They can suggest testing from the therapist & psychologist from the school system. However, this testing wont determine Bipolar or ODD, it may show ADHD. A more intence testing needs to be done to determine the other disorders. School mostly test for learning disabilities, ADHD is a learning disability. The school cannot legally mention medication, nor can they request you medicate your child. They can however deal out punishments for behavior, unless your child has an IEP and a behavior plan is in place. If the school is doing these things, tell them that it is illegal for them to. Unless it is a private school. They are different as they are not public and don't have to follow the same rules.

Here is a sight to go to to read about your rights & the laws. I urge anyone to take a look & educate yourself on your rights & the laws.


Just some helpful info for you.


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Sat, 10-04-2003 - 2:53pm

New to this board.

My son Mackenzie is now nine and was diagnosed with ADHD in January of this year. He was put on Ritilan for school hours only since Feb.

The improvement is school is amazing. The school is very encouraged with his self esteem, empathy for others and self confidence in himself. Right now - I have no intention to rock the boat at all.

He is not medicated at home or on any school holidays.

I have him in Martial Arts 3 times a week unmedicated. He is doing ok in it and more importanty going every time.....

I don't think that the meds are wrong for Mack at all. He is in grade four right now but still can't read. He is doing well in math and science and comprehension. He doesn't act out or pick fights. He doesn't have a behaviour problem at school. Prior to the meds he didn't stay on task and really wasted his time in school in all subjects.

There is a program in the states and here that is called bio-feedback training (neurofeedback) for all kinds of learning problems. ADHD is high on the list. I hope to get Mackie in it next summer. It is a bit pricy but apparently 70% of the kids on meds going into the program are off for good afterwards. It teaches skills to switch the way they think (use their brains) and it is for life.

I am excited about it. Until then - resource teachers, extra launguage teaching, me, extra activities and the meds are what we got. He is doing ok. We hope he can learn to read by himself soon.