What do you mean by "booster"??

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What do you mean by "booster"??
Sat, 10-03-2009 - 9:38am

Hi ladies!

I saw on my previous post that a couple of you had mentioned giving your kid's a "booster" dose when the one they are one doesn't last long enough.

Do any of you give a booster dose of Vyvanse? And if so..what mg are they on in the am..and then what mg "booster" do you give later in the day?

Just wondering if that would be an option for my son since if seems the focalin xr may not be right for him.

He was on Vyvanse 50mg in the

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Sat, 10-03-2009 - 11:19am
A booster dose is

A child may HAVE ADHD, but it is not what they ARE. Never tell a child they ARE ADHD.

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Sun, 10-04-2009 - 10:08am

My son is on Focalin XR and he gets a booster of the same med in the afternoon. He takes 10 mg in the morning and 5 mg later in the day. He had previously been on Concerta which seemed like it stopped working a few months ago so doc switched him to Focalin. At first it seemed like it worked fine, but once school started it just didn't last long enough into the day.... seemed like it wore off around 3pm every day... like clockwork! So doc added the booster at noon. But I never saw much difference... still seemed like it wore off at 3pm. He has been home on cycle break for last two weeks with one week to go before next quarter resumes(we are on year round school here). Anyway, I tried my own little experiment and gave it to him about an hour or so later each day. And now I have noticed a huge difference. And we don't have any issues with bedtime... some people worry that giving an extended-release med that late in the day can keep you awake at night... BUT he also takes risperidal (for appetite) and Zyrtec (for allergies)