What type of school does your ADHD child attend?

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What type of school does your ADHD child attend?
Tue, 01-04-2011 - 1:49pm

I realize some may not be in school yet, but am curious how your children are being taught? This could probably be in a poll format, but not sure how to do that. :-)

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Thu, 01-06-2011 - 11:15pm

My son is 6 and attends first grade at a public school. He does not have an IEP or 504 yet - so far the school has been great giving him any support he needs. He is seated near the teacher in class, spends time with the OT everyday and receives special reading and basic skills help. My son takes Concerta which helps with about 90% of his ADHD issues.

In kindergarten the principal had to call to call me several times about problems he was having. One of those times I told her we were having him evaluated for ADHD and then her demeanor completely changed. She was very supportive and even told me her son has ADHD and that she knew the struggles we were having as parents, as well as the issues with impulse control, etc. my son was having. All of his teachers are very supportive - I just hope it continues as he gets in the higher grades.

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Thu, 01-06-2011 - 10:21pm
My son is 9, and in third grade at a public school. He's on focalin, and has an IEP in place. That said, our school has small class sizes (15 kids), and he would do horribly in a larger classroom (even with the focalin). The school (so far) has been really great accommodating his needs. I have seriously thought about homeschooling him, but I know myself well enough to know I don't have the patience. Plus one of the areas he is lacking in is social skills, and I am not sure I am capable of providing what he needs in that area.
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Thu, 01-06-2011 - 6:31pm
DD is 13, 8th grade and in Public school with a very stringent 504 in place.
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Thu, 01-06-2011 - 4:36pm
My daughter hasn't officially been diagnosed yet but we were having difficulties with her in public school, so put her in a private Christian school after our move a few months ago. I thought that being in a smaller, more personal setting with caring teachers and aides would be very beneficial for her. Instead, they have threatened expulsion if her behavior doesn't improve soon. :(

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Thu, 01-06-2011 - 4:05pm

My son is on Focalin,

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Tue, 01-04-2011 - 2:03pm

Our son turns eight next month and attends public school. He takes Concerta and it has worked so well, you wouldn't know he has ADHD when it's active. As a result, he hasn't needed a 504 plan. He didn't qualify for an IEP when we had him evaluated because he's doing too well academically. However, we're prepared to pursue the 504 should his medication stop working so well in the future.

Public school has been awesome for him. He was kicked out of his first preschool -- a private one (zero tolerance there for kids who don't fit the norm) -- and that rejection still stays with him. I homeschooled him (by circumstance, not choice) and lasted one month at it. With no teaching background and only public relations/journalism experience, I was lousy at it, not to mention it was trying getting an umedicated child with ADHD to do anything on task. Once he was on medication, he went to a different private preschool (no public ones in our area with a 5 day schedule) and did well. However, any time he acted up, he'd get the "we'd have to kick you out if this continues" threat.

It was a major relief to start kindergarten at our local school and completely lose the stress of the threat of being kicked out. By law, public schools have to accept special needs kids and make accommodations for them. Whew, it's a major weight lifted off my shoulders. When our son's medication stops working as well and a new dosage is needed -- which is very common -- the teachers have been great about keeping us informed and working with us patiently until we can make the necessary adjustment.

Have you had your son's school district evaluate him for special services/IEP yet? If not, I would write the district psychologist and get the ball rolling with that. You may find that helps a lot with current challenges in the classroom. Hopefully if you get the medication right, everything will get right on track. Good luck!