WOOHOOO Baseball!!!!

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WOOHOOO Baseball!!!!
Sun, 05-04-2003 - 11:15am
Fri night was a wonderful night for Joiner. This is our usual baseball games. Joiner at bat, swing at everythig, stickes out, gets mad, throws things. Well Fri night FINALLY he hit the ball & got the thirs base, 3 kids ran home!!! He was bursting with pride.

Right before that he had gotten into a fight with a team mate. Joiner an other kid were playing in the dirt making some kind of ant trap. The other kid was trying to kicking it down. Well, Joiner kept pulling the kids leg away, the kid (a year older) jumped on Joiner. Well Joiner is not one to turn down a fight, so he pushed the kid off him & started punching. By this time a coach stopped it. I was called over, Joiner's elbow was bleeding, and the other kid was in tears (guess he wont do that again). I find out later from the mom that the other kid just started Adderall XR. The mom was cool about it, not the type to say YOUR kid did so & so to mine. We both kind of laughed about it, mainly b/c Joiner & this kid have been on each others nerves for a while.

Anyway, at the end of the game Joiner got the game ball!!!He was soooo proud. We took him to this sports cafe he loves to go to called Third Base. They had Kareoke (sp?), and Joiner sang his favorite song in front of everyone! He sang Control by Puddle of Mud, mostly he sang the chorus, but got a standing Ovation!! ROFL

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Sun, 05-04-2003 - 11:39am
OHHHH. COOL! Way to go Joiner!!

Time's like this make it all worth it doesn't it?

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Sun, 05-04-2003 - 8:18pm
Savor those golden moments! I have to tell you, I loved your first baseball post when the season was just starting - about your hopes and your expectations.

Bernard is playing coach's pitch this year. 2 years ago, he played T-ball, and he had one of those coaches that though every game was the finals of the world series. And that was before we had an ADD diagnosis, and his mind was everywhere but on the game. Bernard refused to play last year, but this year decided to go for it. We have the most wonderful coach this year, who has nothing but positves to say to the kids. We've lost our first 2 games, but we're still having fun. He said we'd win with class and lose with class.

Bernard is not one of the stars, but at least he's having some success. And the other kids are not so driven that they give the kids who get out a hard time. In his league they get 5 pitches to hit the ball. Once he hit the first 2 foul and then missed the rest. I was trying to reassure him saying not to worry that he'd hit it. He looks at me and says "I already hit it twice!" (the foul balls) What's a mom know?

That is so cool about Joiner getting the game ball. I know how exciting that is! Sounds like you all made the best of a great evening!



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