Words of Encouragment

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Words of Encouragment
Sat, 09-27-2003 - 1:55pm
My oldest daughter is almost 13. She was first diagnosed with ADHD at age 7, first grade. For many reasons we choose not to medicate her. She had minor learning disablities that may or may not be related to the ADHD. However; her IQ was in the Superior Range. We worked with her daily! We had a very supportive elementary charter school that allowed her to have classroom modifications even before I knew what a Section 504 plan was that allows for modifications. While there have been good days and bad she has maintained an A average in all classes and has learned compensation techniques to help her be organized and attentive. (Thanks to Occupation Therapists, Learning Consultants and even a few things from mom) Last week we had our anual Section 504 meeting with all 8 of her Middle School Teachers, every one said they were shocked to learn she had ADHD. (we are in a new school system,(public school) and a different state now)They told me that she is organized attentive and well behaved. I had to fight back tears.

I realize kids do not outgrow ADHD but they can overcome many of the issues if we love and support them. It is my observation that my daughter improved in 6th grade. In the middle school environment she was allowed to get up and change classes ever 40 minutes. This eased the stress of being in the same classroom with the same teacher all day.

I share this to encourage you that there can be a light at the end of the tunnel for you. We still see her distraction and inablity to concentrate crop up now and then. Ussually when she is not getting enough sleep, staying in her routine or eating way too much junk food.

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Sun, 09-28-2003 - 4:06pm

Thank you.


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Mon, 09-29-2003 - 10:00am

Thank you for sharing.




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Mon, 09-29-2003 - 2:38pm
Congrats. Through hard work, determination and a great support staff, you've made that transition into "middle school" a wonderful path for her. You done good mom!

And I'd love to know what kind of organizational skills they taught her - care to share!?