ADHD Boys At Risk for Obesity as Adults

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ADHD Boys At Risk for Obesity as Adults
Tue, 05-21-2013 - 2:24pm

A study found that adult men diagnosed with ADHD as a child are twice as likely to be overweight or obese as an adult: 

“It’s not uncommon for kids treated with ADHD medications to be fairly thin,” Castellanos said. Because parents often worry that thinner boys won't grow as tall, “sometimes [they] will encourage their boys to eat more.”

Instead, to help avert weight problems down the road, parents should be alert to poor eating habits. “If anything, you have to pay attention to how many times they’re having fast food, how many times they’re having fried food, whether they’re getting meals supersized," Castellanos said.

They also say that the impulsiveness that comes with ADHD also plays a role, since you either made poor choices when it comes to nutrition, or you can't stop eating once you start. 
I admit that I'm guilty of encouraging my son to eat as much as possible so that he would no longer be classified as malnourished on the BMI index, the meds totally slimmed him down and he also grew several inches around the same time.  He is back to a healthier wait now on different meds, we do need to work on making sure that he's making better choices.  
How are you doing with making sure your child gains weight but still eats healthy?