Adult ADHD Diagnosis

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Adult ADHD Diagnosis
Fri, 08-03-2012 - 5:20pm

I think that author of this Huffington Post piece hits on something that parents of children with mental disorders realize, while it's hard to get the diagnosis, knowing it helps you determine on how to deal with your child.  He relates on how it can help adults that are cautious to seek help for their ADHD: 

Here's the bottom line: If you have ADHD, by definition you have "impairment" somewhere in life -- it's part of the diagnosis. If you're distractible or a little impulsive and thriving across the board, then you don't have ADHD. The impairment may affect self-esteem, daily stress and relationships or far subtler matters like obesity, a lifetime of late bills, or chronic, disabling procrastination. Seeking a diagnosis isn't a treatment decision but may define the "why" behind a lifetime of struggle. It moves you one huge step toward understanding how best to move forward.

You can read the complete article at:

Do you think that you have ADHD?  If so, have you sought the help of a doctor or are you just trying to deal with it on your own?