Anyone have ideas on OCD type thoughts?

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Anyone have ideas on OCD type thoughts?
Tue, 08-26-2003 - 11:54am
Mike is having the hardest time getting anything done lately and it is getting insanely worse. The biggest problem is he gets some thought stuck in his head and he just keeps pacing, thinking, talking to himself. It is a variety of things, not the usual AS 1 topic, but it is making me crazy. For instance, yesterday morning it was his little brother calling him stupid, a homework time it was "Spy Kids 2" lines, another time it was a discussion about how he could earn something and he just kept obsessing on it no matter how many times I explained it or then told him the conversation was done. SHort of medication is there any way I can help him get the thought unstuck. It is like he has a song playing over and over all the time.

Any ideas appreciated.


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Tue, 08-26-2003 - 4:18pm
Hmmm, I don't know if that actually sounds like OCD to me. I know on the surface it does, but AS CAN cause behavior like that too. Jade and Eva do it a lot. And when Jade is gearing up for a regression she does it to the point of breaking...literally. Could it be that Mike is just in the middle of trying to adjust to school again? Is there anything else going on that might be causing him some stress? has he ever done this kind of thing in the past, and if so, when? what was happening in his life at that point?

I've found, with my girls, that when there has been a major change in schedule, even one that was expected, such as resuming school, that they do this a lot more. Ayla doesn't do it and neither does DH, but Jade and Eva go from the occasional repeted comment to constantly obsessing over every little thing. And to frustrate me more, I usually can't figure out WHY they are obsessing over the things they do. For instance, yesterday, when Jade was doing her math work she was constently asking me if we were going anywhere. It seemed rediculous to me at the time. She was sitting in the livingroom(our quiet room) doing one of her favorite subjects but she just wouldn't stop asking if we were going to be going out. She acted like she expected that we would be going out, maybe to the store or something, in the next few minutes. I kept telling her "No, dear, we're having school right now. We don't leave in the middle of our schoolwork." I tried every way I could to explain it to her, but she just kept on it. Right up until her mathwork was done. Then she changed rooms and it became another subject to obsess over. This time it was German and her obessing was over the use of the words "mine kilter" (which means 'my center') She just kept saying it over and over as she did her assignment. As soon as that was over the combo became freeplay and video tapes. She didn't want to watch a video durring her free time, she wanted to be sure we had plenty of blank ones for the VCR to record a good show, should one ever come on, and put in the camcorder, should we ever see something we wanted to get on tape. It went on like that all day. It was driving me nuts.

But, come sundown, her obsessing started to make a warped kind of sense to me. She, being the astromical events buff that she is, was planning on 'going out' to watch the Mars passing with the local astonomical society and wanted to leave in plenty of time to make sure she got a seat in the 'center' of the field we were going to. She, of course, wanted to take the camcorder, so she could get some footage of it. As soon as we got to the field (yes, we were the first ones there, sigh) she promtly paced off the clearing and found the center, where upon she wrote "Jade's Kilter" in the dirt with a stick. There were other things that she had been obsesing over yesterday that never relly went anywhere though. But about half of her rambling obsessions were connected somehow, at least to her.

She'll get better once she gets back on a normal school schedule after taking her 4 week break to go galavanting around the US with her greatgrandma. It may take a week or two, but she'll calm down. I'm willing to bet Mike does too. In the mean time, load up on some chocolates and arrainge for some respite time, maybe a trip to the store withoout any kids (no rushing allowed). let your DH handle things for an hour or two in the evenings every couple of days. I made sure to get out and do some shopping for the co-op yesterday with my parntner and it did wonders for me AND the kids. I guess what I'm saying is, let him ramble, let him obsess...for now. try to get him to explain why he finds these things so important at the time.

Okay, now I'm the one rambling. LOL. Gotta go, the horde is beckoning.



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Tue, 08-26-2003 - 9:49pm
Yes, this sounds familiar to me. Justin talks non stop all day, and I mean non stop and all day. When he is talking a lot of times he's pacing and fidgiting. No matter how many times I ask him to stop talking he still keeps on talking until he is finished. I barely have any hair left on my head from pulling it all out.LOL

Some days I'm really good at blocking it out and other days I almost hyperventalate. We've been told that it's something we have to live with. He has been extra talkative (if that's possible) and pacing even more since school started.

Give it time maybe he'll quit when he's used to school. If not good luck. LOL

Take care,

Angie (A Mom with tired ears)

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Wed, 08-27-2003 - 2:03am

I have the same problem with Jordan. Whenever he gets more anxious (transitions, new situations, etc.) than usual (which is hard to believe it can happen), he obsesses much more. Unfortunately with him he becomes so locked in his obsessions that he can't switch gears or have his gears switched for him. He'll talk from sun-up to sun-down about one obsession after another and it drives me crazy. The only solution we've found to work is medication because all the things we tried didn't work (re-focusing him to the task he needs to complete, distracting him, etc.). He takes Luvox 50 mg, an anti-depressant for OCD patients and Strattera 40mg to help him focus on task at hand rather than lost in his outer space.

Thanks for the shirt chewing ideas. I'm going to try them out on Jordan. The one thing that I did notice with him is since we upped the dosage on his meds, the chewing has subsided. Maybe he was chewing because he is so anxious.

Good Luck,


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Wed, 08-27-2003 - 11:02pm
Hi Renee, Sarah does this ALL the time. We call her on it & just say "Sarah PLEASE quit obsessing! Lately it has been cars & stick shifts. Sometimes it's her school friend (a boy) who lives up the street. She rides her bike past his house EVERY day! It can be any topic. A book or TV show or movie. We will hear about it OVER & OVER again. It gets very frustrating fo the whole family. We try to redirect her into another topic but the next day it resurfaces usually. I can so relate to what your talking about. Take Care, Mary Ann