Autistic boy and iPad-article

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Autistic boy and iPad-article
Fri, 06-18-2010 - 7:41pm
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Sat, 06-19-2010 - 5:10am
As soon as it was announced, I thought it would be perfect my ds. In truth, I think it would be great for all students. Can you imagine all your text books, notebooks, papers all stored in one lightweight, easy to carry place? No more 40 lb backpack to lug around. Textbooks could always be kept up to date. Research literally at your fingertips. Both of my kids
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Fri, 06-18-2010 - 8:21pm

There are a boatload of Apps for iPad and iTouch for kids with autism and other special needs. It is really quite incredible. I am using an iTouch in my class with one of my students as an agumentative communication device.

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