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Back on the board...
Wed, 06-16-2010 - 7:05pm

Because I need something....

I have a friend who is the

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Hey Barbara,

In general accomodations are based on individual needs so it really depends on what he is having trouble with on what accomodations and supports would be helpful. Unfortunately not quite working up to potential likely is not going to qualify him for additional support but since he already has some supports he must qualify for something so perhaps I can give a couple ideas. These may also be things mom can help with from home as well.

#1 most important - organizational skills. These kids are so horrible with this and often it becomes a big issue starting around middle school.

Helping him come up with ways to organize his work is key. Some ideas are:
- color coded binders/folders,
-a big calendar at home with long term projects written
-long term projects broken down into small steps,
-a daily or weekly homework agenda,
-a specific homework time and space with all materials he needs available to him,
-an extra set of books kept home so he doesn't have to remember what he needs to take home.

Some other accomodations could be
-extended time to complete/turn in work.
-access to using a computer for class work
-regular correspondence with teachers,
-access to homework club or tutoring help if available

That is what I can think of off the top of my head. HTH


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