Back from the Psychologist

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Back from the Psychologist
Fri, 05-30-2003 - 1:13pm
Well, we are back. The doctor said "Wow, this session went alot faster than usual. You guys came prepared." And i said "Well, after telling the story so many times, you kinda get used it."

He was extremely nice, sympathetic when he should have been. Which is nice. Nice to have a professional say "wow, this must be frustrating."

He looked over her tests scores, nodded his head. Asked alot of questions. And in the end, my husband said, "Ok, so, are we concerned when we shouldnt be? Or did we come to the right place??"

He said 'No, you definately have reason to be concerned. She is not developing skills that she is supposed to be developing. Anxiety of strangers, Cause and effect...etc"

So, we have another appointment with him next friday, where he will see Catie. Dh wont be there. But the doctor said that since i am the one who is with her the most, it should be fine.

So, he did mention one thing. And that is, she is extremely attached to our neighbor. But we have only lived in this apartment for about 2 months. We have developed a great friendship with her, and her husband. But Catie, right off the bat, was more than her average attachment with her. He said that with Autism that is usually not the case. They usually have a harder time developing friendships and relationships. Catie is extremely outgoing, and again, would play with the mail man. But she is a mimicker, and only does what you teach her to do.

So, we will see what else he says. He DID say that with PDD, they are very social. So, we are crossing our fingers and hoping this guy knows what he is talking about.

Thanks for listening.