Biting and harming herself

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Biting and harming herself
Wed, 01-19-2011 - 1:58pm
My daughter is two and has SPD , she has been biting and harming herself till she draws blood! But I guess what I'm wondering is, could she have more then spd? No one seems to hear me! She is on babyfood still! We can't do alot she hates change, clothes, people she enjoys twirling hand watching, and lately to stop her from screaming ( which seems to be all she does now) is to put her in a baby car seat!!! Ugh what are early common signs of aspergers? Her therapist says she's 2 and there arnt signs at this
age?? That Natalie is showing!? I'm so frustrated! She honestly to me has been getting worse which is leading me to believe it's more then SPD
Sorry for ranting !!!
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Wed, 01-19-2011 - 10:40pm
No, don't be sorry. Its frustrating. In answer to your question, no, these aren't specifically symptoms of Aspergers. At least that I know of. However, they could be associated with the SPD. The feeling of pain could be stimulating for her. When I was a child, I pushed out about half of my baby teeth within the span of a week. I pushed them against my headboard because I was hooked on the pressure/pain. I also used to scrape at my gums till they bled just for the sensation.

That said, the biting could also be an anxiety response. If she's overly stressed or stimulated?

The one thing that I do remind friends is that often things like SPD, ADHD, Autism, etc. rarely present alone. They more frequently come with companion disorders like anxiety disorder, OCD, Tourettes, seizures, and the like. SPD is actually one of the more common symptoms of an existing spectrum issue or ADHD. My son has Aspergers, but Tourettes, anxiety, and a seizure disorder as well. I have AS, ADD, anxiety disorder, and Tourettes. Its often a package deal and just as often, the symptoms start overlapping which gets VERY confusing.

My best advice, slow down. Try and take a deep breath because you're obviously a great Mom by taking care of these things well before she starts school. Believe me, school is when your family is really tested. You're doing a fantastic job, but this is a long process. Its not as cut and dry as diagnosing chicken pox. Symptoms evolve, some disappear, new ones emerge. Its a commitment, but it pays off.

Your pediatrician should be alerted to the blood-letting immediately, but in the meantime, when she bites herself tell her "no, no" and try to get her to substitute a teething ring or pretzel or something that will divert her need to bite elsewhere. Keep us updated and everything really will be alright.
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Thu, 01-20-2011 - 9:37am
Thank you! I assume there could be something else I know it! I really do! She really hurts herself a lot! But her pain tolerance is very very high! She fell four feet and didn't cry, but if u brush past her she will scream on and on!!
I guess I'm just very frustrated! And she seems to get worse as the months go on! But I guess that is what ur saying more symptoms then some will fade ? She's on a poop kick ! Painting with her poop!!! :/
I didnt call her pedi about the bite :/ guess I should I told her therapists
Thank u so much!!!
My daughter is my whole world :) just want to help asap! And she was in daycare and it made her worse! Her anxiety was terrible!!! She would get headaches till she threw up! Since we took her out of daycare only a few head aches! But we try not to go anywhere! :/
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Thu, 01-20-2011 - 11:30pm
When I was little, my mother would visit me in preschool and I would be huddled in a corner biting my nails till they bled. There was so much activity, so much noise, I went on overload and withdrew, creating stimulation to make myself feel better. If Aspergers was an actual diagnosis back then, that image of me in my classroom would have been the first sign.

He is my best piece of advice. Keep a journal of your daughter's behavior and do as much research as you can. When they began testing my son, they were ready to give him the NOS diagnosis, but from my journal and a list of symptoms I'd created, I managed to convince the doctors of what I absolutely knew was true. He had a mild case of Aspergers. My exact words were, "I'm not a doctor, I know and if you really disagree with me, I'll accept your diagnosis, but if you do disagree, you're really going to have to give me a good reason why this isn't Aspergers."

Be your child's biggest advocate and if you have to find a doctor more educated in Spectrum disorders and/or anxiety, then do it. Don't worry about hurting anyone's feelings. I had to leave two pediatricians because the doctors wanted to send Dan to a psychiatrist instead of a neurologist when we wanted his Tourettes diagnosed. We finally found a doctor who (and we didn't know it until after the appointment was over), actually had Tourettes.

There are lots of great scientific books about spectrum disorders, most of my friends affected by the same issues swear by them and I hope that other Mom's here will post some of them here for you. Personally, I like Temple Grandin's books

as she deals with the issue from the perspective of an Autistic individual herself. I also really enjoyed, "Look Me In the Eye" by John Elder.

Its a biography, some of it is not pleasant to to unfortunate events in his family's life, but it gives you a very well written account of how a kid (and later an adult) with AS looks at and discects the world around him/her. Its pretty entertaining too. Robison is the older brother of Augustin Burroughs who wrote "Running with Scissors".

As I said before, please keep us updated. Its so hard to deal with when they're so young and can't express themselves by conventional means. My son has this new stim where he flicks his face when stressed. Its better than the hair pulling and the hitting of his head that he used to do, but its still hard to watch him hurt himself.

By the way, is there anything that runs in your family which might point to some answers? Ours was rife with stuff. The links were helpful in pinpointing my kids' issues.

Lastly, my daughter (ADHD, Sensory seeker) was brilliant in the "painting with poop" method. She's also extremely creative, so maybe its a sign of artistic ability!
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Mon, 01-24-2011 - 8:51am
See I finally called her doctor who wants to see her today! He thinks it's more then SPd which is good to hear because I'm just so glad someone else can see that it's something more!! My daughter is two and bites her nails so bad when in high sensory places such as daycare, always alone and if others try to play she gets so mean! Pushing and hitting them and herself!

Thank u so much for the links! I hope today I get some answers but pedestrians can't dignose can they?

I have ADHD her dad does also I also suffer from depression and we have 3 people with OCD in my side alone. My anxiety is very very bad also!
Thank u so much for listening :)))
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Mon, 01-24-2011 - 1:15pm
I'm so glad! Its hard, but everything will be alright. She'll be better for having had you get her help early. If it hadn't been for my son's doctors and teachers getting as involved as early as they did, I'm not sure what we'd still be dealing with. Today, you barely notice anything unless you spend a long time with him and are looking for signs. Keep us updated and good luck!