Boy my computer is driving me nuts

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Boy my computer is driving me nuts
Fri, 09-12-2003 - 8:39pm
I have been wanting to reply to tons of posts but my modem keeps farting out on me. Boy I really want high speed connection, but being a 1 income family of a teacher in SD county, yeah that will happen soon.

now that I actually got this far, I will try to catch up. Hopefully I can get the darn thing to post.

First, Thanks to all who responded to my rants about Mike and the kids. We referred Mike this week for IEP testing and his SST is in 2 weeks. We will make an assessment plan then. I have actually stopped the meds for now. My dh is very angry at me for that, but I want a good baseline for his needs. Wasn't like it was helping that much in school anyway. He is still having trouble and the teacher is noticing and being more supportive. She finally did one of Mike's 504 modifications (preferential seating) and I hope it helps. She made like it was her idea, but whatever. I don't care as long as it is done and she is trying. I am finding 504's to be a pretty useless piece of paper.

Met the autism specialist for Cait this morning. She is really doing great. I am so thrilled. Amazing the difference with a good teacher who is understanding. Of course, Cait is going through her tri-ennial testing right now. I hope the fact that she is doing so well won't backfire on us when it comes to support.

Oh, and to Pete's mom, What school in SD for high functioning kids. I live in North County. Is it excelsior? Do you know Harmony Piper (OT)? I am starting to look down the line for Mike and wonder if he may need that some day. Always looking for good options and I heard excelsior was one of the best for our kind of kids around here. have met Harmony a couple times and have heard great things about her. I believe she still does OT stuff there. As for the driving, I know mine are loads younger, but they did do the driving school at Legoland (not the same I know) but I was amazed how my kids were the safest best rule followers when driving there. Maybe that will transfer to when they are older? Maybe just give him a chance with driver's ed and see how he does. I do understand the fear driving here. I don't think I could ever let my kids drive on the 5 or 15.


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Sun, 09-14-2003 - 3:16pm
You too? I've only been able to respond to a few post over the last few days b/c of computer problems. But in my case my conection is fine, it's the actual computer that needs to be taken out and shot. I told Santa Clause that Candy wants a new computer for Christmas....maybe if I'm a really good girl I'll get one sooner than that. :)

Are they running the Yahoo/DSL package in your area? That looks like a good one. It's something like 'Activation/set-up fees waived, and $35 per month for the first year. I haven't looked into what kind of contract they are looking for yet, but I'm looking into getting it for myself. If I find a better deal I'll let you know.