Dave may qualify for services...

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Dave may qualify for services...
Tue, 06-24-2003 - 4:52pm

he went for his speech eval on Friday. He did very well in the language part, but his articulation was not quite as good. He had some gaps in teh language part, but would always get one right before getting the needed 5 wrong in a row. He actually got up to teh 5 year level on some things. However, upon looking at all our concerns (behaviors, sensory needs, withdrawing or getting aggressive in situations with lots of people, the regressions, hoarding, etc) she was also concerned. I am sending in his OT report and EEG when it is done. She says that even if the otehrs don't work she can probably qualify him on the articulation problems.

I am hopeful because the integrated preschool would be the best for him now. They would understand him and be able to help his with some of his little things. They wouldn't take him as a typical peer because of his behavior, but I didn't think he would qualify because of his good language and cognitive skills.

On the bad side, Cait is being teased relentlessly at school. I have called the autism specialist consistently for the past month. She hasn't been to see Cait since April which is ridiculous. Called the district rep about her. I finally called her direct boss yesterday and she finally called back. I also talked to the teacher and the RSP. They are supposed to be working on it this week with her. (Working on social skills in 1:1 setting, observing, social langauge group) If they don't start getting some good stuff done by friday I will pull her and put her on a home contract for teh remainder of the school year again. Yeesh.

Oh in my conversation with the teacher she says that Cait has been doing alot of tattling about things that aren't that significant and she aught to be taking care of herself. For once when I said, that is part of her problem. She needs to be taught how to take care of these problems herself. She doesn't understand and she currently can't. The teacher seems to have finally had an AHA experience. Only took 7 out of 8 months of the school year. At least Cait is finally asking for help. But ofcourse, I got a note home from the aide "Cait asked for help because a girl wouldn't let her play. I told her to ask again then saw her playing with some other children." Of course Cait never asked again if she could play and wasn't playing with those other kids, they were near her. Ok, how rediculous of a help was that "go ask again". From a kid we had to teach to ask for help and that is how we reply. Doesn't even give her the strategy of how to ask again or other problem solving tips.

Ok I am stopping my vent now.


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Wed, 06-25-2003 - 12:39am
Tried to reply to this earlier but kept getting interrupted. Someone is now asleep but I am so tired who knows if this will make sense.

Well, glad to hear that Dave will, or should, be getting some services he needs. I wanted to comment on Cait's day at school. I can really sympathize with her. Sounds like she is having a hell of a time with this teacher and school. I just want to say I know exactly what you mean when people just don't get it iwth aspie kids. My bugs has the hardest time socializing. To the point where I feel like Jiminy Cricket and/or his shadow. Saying to him, Go ask again." would have sent him into a tizzy. He needs his "shadow" to follow him and help him find the words to enter into play or negotiate his way into a game, or whatever. Someone ought to give that woman the quick and dirty on these kids, that or a knock upside the head. I have no idea what I am talking about but just wanted to let you know I understand. I get so frustrated myself dealing with these people that I want to whack mysefl upside the head for even trying sometimes.

I think I need to go. Company is gone and life can get back to normal (well, you know what I mean). SO I better hit the hay and check the boards tomorrow.



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Sat, 06-28-2003 - 1:16am
Boy do I understand what you guys mean by "people don't Aspies". As I was told the ASPEN group leader the biggest problem these kids have is they "look normal" and for the most part function very or extremely well in the academic school setting (not so hot in the social school setting). In most school districts these kids are not causing any problems, so they don't have problems. Dumb, ignorant logic. The fact that they are suffering isn't their problem, it's the parents because we created this. Uurrrgghh!

Jordan spent this entire year struggling with abstract problem solving and misinterpreting things. We told his teacher that he was having problems and could she please keep us informed so we can help him. She told us to stop babying him, that he's having problems because he's manipulating us, etc. You get the gist of this. We showed her the child study team eval that said he has Asperger, she told us there was nothing wrong with him. We got the child study team involved, it did nothing.

This year he is officially classified without services but with modifications. He will be going into 4th grade mainstream no aid. They will be excusing him from standardized timed testing because he obsesses about the time remaining, he will have transition cards (they will tell him what's coming next so he can prepare himself because he's horrible with transitions), he will be given visual cues and extra time with abstract problems.

It's always something.