Dave's EEG results are in

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Dave's EEG results are in
Wed, 07-16-2003 - 2:57am
Well the good news is that it was completely normal. The bad news is, now I don't quite know what to do next. The neurologist put him on ritalin, but he doesn't have a diagnosis of any real sort. I don't think I will be able to continue seeing her, so I don't know if I will have to stop the medication or what. I guess I will have to find a new doc, but who and what specialty?

I am really glad that it was normal, but I do feel like I am back at the drawing board. He has started having pooping accidents again. He is also being extrememly difficult and rigid. Today I was going to the park with some friends and he had a melt down. Did NOT want to go to the park with friends. Totally lost it. I tried putting him in the car and he completely turned into a raving lunatic. So DH asked him if he wanted to stay home. In his screamin ghe said yes got out of the car and was fine. What 3 y.o. has a fit like this over the park! Like he didn't want to be around people. We play with this family at times. Not really often, but pretty regularly. He boys just got out of school for the year so we don't play with them that often. Howver, we always see them in Church and Dave is always happy to see them there.

Then, although he is so smart, so often it is like talking to a wall again. Just like Cait and Mike. Those times were they just don't get what you are trying to tell them or cannot flex their brain at all and are stick on something. Dave has always been like that.

I just don't get him. I am really starting to think he may be a bit AS between the language and the rigidity. But otherwise he seems not on the spectrum at all. SO hard to tell until he is older.

I guess I wait to hear the school tell me he doesn't qualify for special ed. Try to put him in a regular preschool where he will be silent and withdrawn or keep him home and slowly lose my sanity. Until he attends kindergarten adn the teacher gives me the "Mrs. B. We need to talk" speech.

Boy I guess I am feeling sorry for myself and pretty negative. I better go on vacation now and get over that!

Must go to bed. Seeing double at 12am and have to get up very early to leave.


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Wed, 07-16-2003 - 5:58am
Well sweety, you probably won't get this reply until after you get back next month.

Hmmm, I know how you feel about the mixed feelings over the EEG results. Jade is constantly going through tests of one type or another.

As for Dave possibly being ASD, it IS possible. Remember, we don't give an AS dx until 5 or older not only because traits may go away but because they may also arise. Of course, on the other hand, he may very well just be in the shadow of the spectrum(I know, we hate to hear that phraze these days). Only time, and consistant observations will tell. Have faith. Any which way things WILL turn out alright. Thousands of Aspies in our generation grew up with no intervention and turned out just fine for the most part. Dave is a lucky boy, he has parents who actually have a clue. Try not to sweat the eventual dx or lack there of. That could make you fry brain cells, and we like your brain cells just the way they are. Just take him one trait at a time and deal with them as they come. He could be AS, he could be something else, he could actually not fit any dx at all. Just deal with what's in front of you.

And hey, you're allowed to feel sorry for yourself sometimes. It's part of being human. I look at it as God's way of saying "Welcome to Earth, have you taken the tour of reality yet?"......(and on this side we have the Trials of Parenting. Notice how we have neatly arrainged it so that it completely surrounds the Joys of Parenting?.....) LOL

I hope you have(had) fun on your vaccation. Did ya get any pictures? (wiggling eyebrows) WOO HOO for vaccation! You deserve one.