Disclosing Asperger's again.

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Disclosing Asperger's again.
Thu, 05-08-2003 - 12:07am
I we have had this discussion before and I am always on the side of disclosing, butI find my self questioning it again. Cait starts rehersals for her play tomorrow night. The rehersals are closed (read no but-in-ski parents). They don't want the noise and for safety. They are incharge of all the kids and don't want strangers in and out able to take the kids. They wouldn't know who was where when if there were lots of adults around. I have the main woman's email address and I suppose i will do it, but would you?

Cait is in a real good place right now. She is doing great and for the most part people wouldn't guess she has a disaiblity, especially if they don't know about asperger's. They may think she is a bit odd, shy and nieve. She won't be around them long enough at this time to get comfortable enough for her true colors to shine through. However, I don't want her to get into trouble for not understanding some sort of verbal directions. I also don't want them getting annoyed if she consistently interupts with off topic remarks. I think she will be trying her darn best there and probably will do great, but I am nervous.



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Thu, 05-08-2003 - 1:42pm
My two cents -- when our son is taking swim lessons at the Y, we don't discuss his DX - what we do do is say things like "Tommy sometimes gets distracted, but if you call him by name and get him to look at your eyes, he'll participate just fine. He really responds to high energy stuff, too,like C'mon Tommy, You can do it!"

That seems to work well, because it gives the teachers something concrete to do -- that really makes a difference.