discrepancies, scatter and IEPs

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discrepancies, scatter and IEPs
Fri, 05-30-2003 - 12:23pm
Cait's IEP is in just over a week. I am trying to get some info, if any of you guys have any ideas I would love it.

Here are the problems. First, speech/language. Cait has a history of a language disorder. As is typical of AS kids, she now has a fabulous vocabulary and speeks fluently. However, I still believe she has significant difficulties with pragmatic skills, converstaions, processing and understanding. Her last set of tests (beginning 2 years ago) revealed average test scores with a large scatter within the tests. (5th percentile to 95th with overall scores usually around the 25th-50th percentile). Also she scored 99th percentile on a non-language IQ test. So I also consider it a discrepancy between this 99 and the 25th on many of the language tests. Because of the average scores it took almost a year to argue do additional testing and get some limited speech services in the way of a social language group that meets once a week. I would like for her to get more language services or similar.

Secondly, Academics. Again the non-language GATE IQ tests revealed quite high scores, but her academics are mostly average with writing slightly below average. Previous academic testing and psycholigical testing revealed huge scatters as well. Her WISC IQ scores ranged from 2- 15 on subtests and 2nd to 95th percentile. I feel it is a discrepancy between ability and achievement. However, all the discrepancies were within the tests which always averaged out. Also, she has extraordinarily good visual skills. THere is the fear (also mentioned by one of the SLP's) that as the work in the coming years gets less visual and more language based, she will begin to fall much further behind. She has been using her visual skills so far to be able to keep up. I would like to address this as well and get more intensive academic services to make sure she understands the work and catches up more to her ability.

IF anyone has any good ideas for arguing this or some articles I would love it. I have been looking up gifted/ld but it doesn't seem really to address gifted and asperger's and the symptoms or things they note don't really fit. I have tried these arguements with the school before to little avail.