Don't ya just hate this.

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Don't ya just hate this.
Fri, 04-25-2003 - 12:11am
Took Cait for her 3 month neuro check today. Have had the appointment since the last visit 3 months ago. Well some very compitent person put Cait in the computer for February 24 not April 24. So I found a sitter, got Cait out of school 1/2 day early and drove 45 minutes to San Diego for nothing. They had no cancelations and might be able to take her at 5 (it was 1:30 at the time). That wasn't going to happen. The person in charge of making appointments wasn't there so I have to call tomorrow to make another appointment.

Guess who is bringing all her kids and not getting a sitter next time. I figure it would be terrific payback. HEHEHE


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Fri, 04-25-2003 - 9:26am
Oh I hate when that happens. It happened to us several times when

we were taking Tim to a different Psych for his meds. The first

time I didn't let them know I was aggrivated by it but after it

happened the 2nd and 3rd time I got pretty mad and asked our

family dr to help us find another psych. (the one we have now is great).

I mean, they could of called us to let us know this one particular

time that the dr had to go out of the country. We got to Tims appointment

and they said "Dr XXXX has been gone a few days and we don't expect him

back til next week". It was a 90 mile round trip, in a car with no AC

and 3 kids.. UGH And the other time the young teenage receptionist

gave us an appointment card but didn't enter it in the

computer. We showed up and they said the dr was about to have to leave.

I asked them if they could get him to sign a prescription and they

said they would have him do that and for me to come back in about

an hour. Guess what.. They didn't get it. I had to make another

90 mile trip the next day just to go pick it up. Tim was totally

out of meds and this one kind is a triplicate so they couldn't

just call it in.

I caught them lying too. One lady said he was out of town and

I told them I was desperate to get Tims meds and I actually CAUGHT

the dr walking out of another room from seeing a patient. that's when

I got mad and found another psych.

I know how you feel and wouldn't blame you one bit to take all the

kids next time. I'd bring a few noisy toys too while I was at

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Fri, 04-25-2003 - 4:57pm
ROFLMAO!!!!! Don't forget to ramp all the kids up on sugar too.
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Fri, 04-25-2003 - 9:00pm
Hi Renee, was this down @ Children's by chance? I went down there for a cardiology appt. one time w/Sarah and they told me I had missed my check-in time (which I hadn't). I was given the wrong time by the person who scheduled me over the phone. They weren't going to let me see the Doc but my voice got louder & LOUDER and finally to shut me up they called me back. I didn't tell them I was a nurse, but I know for a fact because I was an office manager that they hire inexperienced (women mostly) & pay them minimum wage or a few bucks more & there's alot of turnover in front office so what can we expect? Docs don't want to pay for good help. Sorry you had a bad experience. Take all 4 kids next time & make them take notice! See you soon, MaryAnn