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Dvdvrk (Kirsten)
Sun, 09-28-2003 - 12:38pm
I had to comment on your one post! lol, we too fly. WAY too often.

My husband (former Marine), now works for Southwest Airlines. As a benefit, himself, i and our children all get to fly free unlimited anywhere Southwest flies. His mother also gets these benefits, but rarely uses them.

Our families EXPECT us to be home every few months. With free flight benefits, there is no reason for us not to. But unforntunately with the way flights are set up with Southwest, there is alot of hoping and layovers. And the "simple" flight from Salt Lake City to Dallas can have up to two layovers and can take us up to 8 hours to get there. Flying with a 3 year old isn't fun, but flying with a 3 year old with PDDNOS is PURE HELL.

Now that i am pregnant, and will be having a new born in Feb, they think these flights will continue. Well, they are wrong. Many times by the time we get to Dallas, she is spazzing out, both of us need a hard stiff drink, and we are already miserable and regretting we did this. Add different schedules, different cars, different houses, alot of people. GRRRRR They wonder after a few days why we are ready to go home. It is a total pain.

So i just thought i would tell you. You didn't mention where you are flying from. But if you can get a direct flight, that would make all the difference in the world. Take lots of favorite snacks, drinks, and i have found a magnadoodle does wonders. I have asked for decks of cards from the flight attendants and used them as flashcards when nessacary. Take advantage of preboarding, and carry cash for the stuff drink if you need it. ;)

Like i said, i know you didn't ask, but boy, have i been there several dozen times. Now the thought of having a newborn while dealing with my daughters meltdowns is just NOT my idea of a "vacation".


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Mon, 09-29-2003 - 4:39am
Thanks for the tips. This will be ds 6th flight and one was on a millitary plane no movies no walking around!!! I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve and seems to keep him pretty up beat. But i have to tell you dh will be taking him on the flight home. He suggested it!!!! I will be leaving early. We have a dog and a cat. Our other 2 children. OH THE PEACE AND QUIET!!! LOL We are in the process of moving to a differnt base we will be going from germany to minieapolis. Then we are going to drive from there to Oklahoma city. After visiting family. Which none of my family has seen DS since he was 2 so they have no idea what to expect. Heck i don't even know what to expect!!! Needless to say DH and i are not really looking forward to the family visits that much. I think we are going to need a vacation to deal with the vaction. Sorry to ramble on it's just that i have a very difficult mother, who is very good at guilt tripping.


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Mon, 09-29-2003 - 10:27am
Kirsten, don't worry about it. My mom and i are best friends, but my MIL and i don't get along much at all. I tolerate her. And she is HORRIBLE about trying to guilt my DH into stuff. But i see her games, and i point them out to him. Since we have had Catie he has been alot better about standing his ground with his mother. But sometimes i wish he would just jump down her throat and nip it in the bud. Instead, he lets her go on and on until i am steaming and he knows he has to put his foot down.

But anyways. I know how you feel. I get along with my side of the family, and everyone seems to be pretty laid back about going with the flow of Catie. But his side of the family doesn't have a clue.

I have taken many flights with my husband where we split up. One of us has her on one leg, and the other has her on another. I usually sit a few rows up and bring a book. It is nice to get a break. So, atleast your husband is doing it this time. Yeah husband!!!


Good luck moving the pets. Hope you have a safe trip