Early Intervention Appointment??

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Early Intervention Appointment??
Mon, 10-06-2003 - 3:09pm
We have our first Meeting with our Early Intervention program tomorrow. Mainly to see why he isnt talking. He will be two on Sunday and still no words. I had taken him to see a Speech Therapist a few weeks ago, and she said the is at about a 10-12 month range for expressive speech and about 12-14 mon receptive speech. I just wanted to have an Idea what to expect tomorrow. Can you tell me what your first meeting was like?? What are some good questions to maybe ask?



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Tue, 10-07-2003 - 10:08am
Hi Veronica,

I hope this post isn't too late.

If it is a first appointment, it should be pretty informal, Expect them to ask for a full developmental history -how your pregnancy was, any complications, and on to the age he first sat up, crawled etc.

They will want to know why you contacted them, what your concerns are For this, it is best to have it all thought out and written down in advance -things can get lost when you are under pressure. List everything you think unusual -no matter how small. If he hates tight waistbands or synthetic fibers, write it down. If certain noises bother him, write it down. If he likes line up his toys, rather than 'pay' with them, write it down.

Next they will explain the EI process and what what the next steps are: You will possibly be asked to choose an evaluation agency to evaluate your child. They will tell you in what timeframe to expect the evaluation agency to contact you and the sort of tests they will perform.

You may want to ask if they think an Occupational Therapy evaluation is in order (see the Sensory Integration Dysfunction board and website for information on what this is). OT evals are not usually standard, and in my book they should be.

HTH and good luck.



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