Euan scuppers his own IEP....

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Euan scuppers his own IEP....
Wed, 11-24-2010 - 8:11am


At parent's evening last night (where all the parents meet some of the teachers individually, rather than a special meeting just for us), I spoke to Euan's PE teacher. He was desperate to find some way of getting Euan to take part in PE because this is the one area we have made hardly any progress on. I've been pushing for a revised curriculum (essentially, individual fitness sessions rather than mainstream PE) for him with no joy, but having tried to teach him for a term they have finally come round to our take on this. Particularly as the next block of PE is social dancing (Scottish country dancing) which Euan would rather stick forks in his eyes than take part in.

OR so we thought. When I put the revised PE curriculum to him it suddenly occurred to Euan that he would have to actually do some exercise. And, all of a sudden, social dancing is not such a big no no anymore. So he's making all these noises about how he wants to take part, and he should be in mainstream classes, and I honestly feel like I want to smack him upside the head, little stinker, because trying to get any kind of curriculum modification is like pulling teeth. And I bet *anything* that he *doesn't* take part in the social dancing despite the aide and PE teacher cajoling him and we are back to square one, or rather less than square one because he has now had another six weeks of doing no PE whatsoever.

I'm now really against this whole 'involve the child in their IEP targets' philosophy that the school has. I am very much in favour of us returning to good old fashioned parent-and-teacher-knows-best, frankly!!

OR, watch this space, he'll turn out to be the most socially accomplished Scottish dancer in the school and flit through weddings and Hogmanay with grace and ease, astonishing fellow guests with his skill.


Kirsty, mum to Euan (12, Aspergers Syndrome) Rohan (7, NT) and Maeve (5, NT)

PS all the teachers were incredibly impressed with his 'guide to aspergers', as printed in a previous post, and said it helped them a lot in the classroom. I'm really proud of him about that.

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Wed, 11-24-2010 - 8:11pm

DH and I sometimes watch this British sit-com called "Kitchen Ladies", and in the first episode, the new personnel director tries to boost morale by suggesting that they try "Scottish country dancing."

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Mon, 11-29-2010 - 7:36am

I always think Euan, who is close in age to my Malcolm, sounds so much more accomplished and savvy!