First Day of school here in CT -- Anyone else Sad and Nervous

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First Day of school here in CT -- Anyone else Sad and Nervous
Wed, 08-29-2012 - 12:48pm

Today is the first day of 3rd grade for my baby and I'm so sad and nervous.  Second grade was the most difficult so far.  Lots of growth, but also his limitations were really highlighted and over the summer at camp the bullying started.  He was made fun off and was told to do bad things that got him in trouble and he was told by a group of kids to literally kiss their behinds and he did.  How did we get here? 

I met with the new school’s Special Ed teacher yesterday -- she is very experienced and personable, but the new school psychologist doesn't seem as capable as the elementary school one.  In my town primary and Intermediate schools are separated.  I don't know what the future holds and that scares me.  I think the high functioning ones suffers the most because everyone thinks that they are bad or difficult and when they do something, they assume that they should know better and it doesn’t help that he is so friendly and wants to be part of the group.  He is also very popular because he makes jokes and beat box in class sometimes (nightmare for me) and he likes being the center of attention, but then when they start communicating with him they realize that he is not on the same wave length then the isolation starts.

Today at the bus stop, which is right opposite my house, there were over twenty kids and they were all wondering why my ds can't go on the bus with them and he wanted to go on the bus too, but I can't take a chance for him to be hit because he misunderstood something and they don't have support on the bus.  Over the weekend we were inWashingtonDCfor a last minute vacation and we saw a child who had strayed from the parents and almost ended up on a busy street.  My son took it upon himself to confront the family and called the older brother an idiot for letting the little boy run onto the street.  If we were not there, the kid would have beat him up not knowing that he really doesn’t understand the impact of his behavior; this is so sad and I'm worried sick.  Would he ever get better?  I just needed to vent.  Thanks for listening if you have read this far.



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I'm sorry that things got so rough for him over the summer, it just breaks my heart to see how mean the other kids were to him :smileysad: How did his first day go?