Garden hoses, lead risk

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Garden hoses, lead risk
Mon, 07-28-2003 - 1:02pm
This really is important information for all children, but I especially wanted to share this with those with vunerable children like mine. I had no idea garden hoses are contaminated with lead. Most of them are made out of recycled tires. I read an article on garden hoses last month in Consumer Reports and they had a list of drinking water safe garden hoses. If you buy a hose and read the fine print, many of them come with dire warnings of risk of cancer, etc. Some don't say anything at all. If your kid may at any time possibly drink out of your garden hose...then make sure you buy one that specifically says it is drinking water safe or otherwise it is not. I had a very difficult time finding ones that said that. We went to Home Depot and the guy who was helping us said they didn't have any in at that time and he wouldn't buy any of their hoses they had in stock if we had any chance our kids would drink out of them. Maybe I was the only one unaware of this, but I just would like to pass it on.
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Mon, 07-28-2003 - 11:27pm
Gosh I didn't know that.

Thank you for passing it along. I will change out my hoses. My children don't drink out of them, but I have probably been poisioning the poor dog!


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