Gluten Allergy & Autism

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Gluten Allergy & Autism
Fri, 06-21-2013 - 4:16pm

Researchers found elevated levels of immune system antibodies to gluten proteins in some autistic children.  Although they can't determine if a gluten free diet is beneficial, they agree that more research needs to be done: 

"By themselves, anti-gluten antibodies do not mean disease," explained Dr. Daniel Coury, medical director of Autism Speaks' Autism Treatment Network and chief of developmental & behavioral pediatrics at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. "They are part of the whole puzzle. When they occur with other abnormalities and with symptoms, we begin to get a clearer picture. It may be that this will help identify a subgroup of individuals with autism who may benefit from a specific treatment someday when we have a better understanding of just what is going on here," Coury said.

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If your child is on a gluten-free diet, have you seen any benefits from it?

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Fri, 07-26-2013 - 1:10pm

My son has PDD-NOS, it tried the GFCFSF diet for 3 months thus far. I feel I noticed a change in language.

He seemed to be saying things once in awhile I've never heard. Now that its been 3 months and its a difficult diet, I wonder if it really helps or he is just getting older and ABA is helping.

I'm really on the fence about ending the diet. Not completely, but not being anal about it. 

Need some guidance.