Godly Aspie?

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Godly Aspie?
Sun, 10-19-2003 - 4:48pm

Okay, so what do you think life would be like for an Aspie if he were one of the gods? This is an excerpt from the unpublished book "House of Va' " by Wolf Stuabus. The boy in the scene, who is the main character in the book, is modeled after my DH, lol. Read on:

“In all the land there be not one who can come against him?” the young Clanmate asked as he watched the champion ascend the stage. The man was not extraordinary in height or build yet he radiated power in his every fluid move. His armor was that of the Armageddon Knights, the colors of void and sunlight, yet the presence of the Soatusonak crown embedded upon his brow showed that he was no mere Night. Nor was the weapon at his belt that of any mortal who had gained the grace of immortality by merging as a multi-being. The Blade of The Everlasting was the symbol of absolute power, worn only by the First Night.

“No, LinDe. None have ever succeeded in their challenges against The Absolution. He is Deffan of Azdia, Champion of Ayllan’s Throne, Heir to the Throne of Life, Defender of the Time Stream, and King of All Time. He cannot be bested by mere immortals. He is Of the Clan.” The woman next to him intoned. “Beside which, he is married to Halla Anit. I would find it dubious that any should wish to risk her displeasure.” She sighed.

“He is also The First Night, the Prince of Light, First Among Mortals, Defender of Azdia…”

“LinDe, please, the man has 176 titles, are you going to name them all?” the woman moaned.

“No, Nazeri, I just thought you might have forgotten. The Absolution is the savior of us all, he has rights to our fullest respect.” LinDe informed her gravely.

“If you know all of his titles by you heart then why do you question whether or not he can be bested?” Nazeri asked with only passing curiosity.

“None of his titles suggest that he is capable of defeating the Anit. Does Tal Anit not compete in the Games as well?”

“She must.” Nazeri replied, “She is the reason the games came about.

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Sun, 10-19-2003 - 8:13pm
Too cool! I love it. He is quite the word smith with his use of imagery. I so like the picture it painted in my mind!


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Sun, 10-19-2003 - 11:31pm

Ya know, I just realized that was the uneditted copy! LOL. The editted one is much better (and doesn't stumble over words where sentences where hastily rewritten). Oh well.