(hat off) Bugziesmom -m-

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(hat off) Bugziesmom -m-
Sun, 06-08-2003 - 11:11am
Just wanted to know if you looked at the picture of the social story I put in my post to you under your thread. In the very near future the site I have the picture on is going to become private and you won't be able to view it. Thanks for letting me know =).


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Sun, 06-08-2003 - 6:57pm
No I hadn't. Thank you for bringing it to my attention though. I haven't been online as much as I would like (meaning I like to visit this site more often than I have been) and I only caught Candes post last time I was on. I appreciate you sending me a link. My son and I had his psyc visit this week and she suggested something very similar to what your son does. I didn't get to see an example then so I appreciate your's all the more :) The pictures really make sense, especially since my son is not reading yet. I'm going to use something like a dry erase board so I'll have to use my wonderful drawing skills :)

I need to go. Really would like some time to actually read and "visit." I should have some time later this week. I have a lot to share too.

Thannks for the info