Hi...Newbie with a Lil Solicitation to

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Hi...Newbie with a Lil Solicitation to
Tue, 07-29-2003 - 7:32pm
...add myself. My oldest dd, 6, has been labeled Selective Mute but as a concerned, committed parent, I am tired of playing trial an error and russian roulette with people who think my dd is dumb, just too shy to fit in, backward etc. She does have special needs because of her mutism and I feel blessed to have her in Special Ed at School. We finally found a Psych who believes in Auspergers and behavior related disorders caused by diets and environments. I just completed the book, "Is this your Chidl's World" By Dolores Rapp and found it very very helpful. I have also written a book about this challenged behavior about my daughter and would love to share it with you and anyone that you would know who may be interested. It affects less than 1% of School Children out there but because it is so personal to me, I feel a need to solicit where and how I can. Has anyone else heard of this behavior/SM? I look forward to reading your stories and hearing from you. I am also CL to the Board, My Shy Child. Feel free to stop by and say Hello!!......

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