How can 2 diff teachers report such different things?

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How can 2 diff teachers report such different things?
Tue, 11-02-2010 - 6:27pm

Euan is very advanced at English and Art. However, his English teacher's report is a three page rant about how difficult and unco-operative he is, how he needs a full-time aide in class (yeah, right, like that's ever going to happen!!), how he's violent, agressive, rude, has meltdowns, attacks other pupils, won't work in if every lesson was a distillation of his worst day ever. Which I cannot believe is the case.

His art teacher's report is of a different child. Apparently Euan is an absolute joy to teach, engaging, talented, incredibly hard working,clever, funny, works well with others....

I rang the school to check progress. Apparently his English teacher has left. I don't think it was just because of Euan, but talking to other parents he was a bit of a confrontational type who had a run-in with several pupils.

Now I am a bit torn. Because I know that Euan on his worst day *is* like his English teacher described him, and that's why he needs support. But also, clearly, his art teacher 'gets' him ,has made an effort to accommodate him, and so Euan is on his best behaviour. If all teachers were like her, he wouldn't need support.

So how do I get an IEP that he is only tauight by sensitive talented teachers and not testoterone-laden idiots??


I am also torn because Euan has lost three swimming trunks/towels and DH thinks he should replace them from his allowance. Euan maintains that he doesn't deliberately lose things so this isn't fair. DH thinks as much as Euan can't help being disorganised, swimming trunks don't grow on trees and he needs to start taking responsibility for not losing stuff. I am torn between the two. Swimming trunks don't grow on trees, but Euan also really really can't help losing things.


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On the swimming trunks: have him pay half? That might be a suitable compromise.


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I'm new here, so I guess I'll just jump in with my first reply. My ds is 5 and is right now being tested for AS.

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It sounds like that English teacher and the classroom environment were just not a good, supportive match for Euan.