How do you feel about IQ scores?

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How do you feel about IQ scores?
Tue, 05-27-2003 - 12:05pm
This is a question that has been bugging me lately. I know even the IDEA re-authorization is considering nixing IQ testing.

PErsonally I think they are largely innacurate for thier purpose (determining potential), particularly for people with ASD's. However, I would hate to nix them all together because I think if you can read between the lines and beyond the scores they tell alot about how a kid learns and their strenghts and weaknesses.

Case in point, Cait did very well on GATE testing scoring highest possible scores, but scored 90 on IQ testing in 2 of 3 tries. The other time she scored a 115, so which one is accurate. She has scatter between 2 and 15s on the subtests.

Another case, my nephew just scored low 70's on his, but has already master the majority of K skills even though he isn't even in K yet?

So what is your oppinion.