I talked to the ped. tonight

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I talked to the ped. tonight
Wed, 03-26-2003 - 9:19pm
I spoke to the dr tonight (6:30pm) and at first she was just listening, then she started asking questions about him, and I could tell, writing things down... she seemed like she understood Asperger's Syndrom, offered to give me more literature on it, and then told me that the specifics that I was mentioning to her were indeed concerns and that she will find the proper channel to go through (with my insurance). She mentioned that she wanted to talk to this one developmental pediatrician and this special childrens' center that the hospital has. So, perhaps some progree is being made..... and here I thought she'd be one to really not believe in me (she's got no bedside manners, but really knows her stuff. She diagnosed my son with spinal menengitis without examining him (at 9 weeks old).