If you were me...

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If you were me...
Mon, 06-30-2003 - 10:25am
I work out of the house, and it's usually full time plus. For some reason, tho, work has slowed down lately.

So...to cover my work time, I spent lots of time organizing a full-day summer program for PDD son -- mornings in an ESY program with his (excellent) special needs teacher from last year and afternoons at a YMCA daycamp (swimming, which he loves and outdoor play) with a 1:1 aide we hired. She'll pick him up at ESY and bring him home most days.

Anyway, he started Y camp last week, just fine. But I took him this morning to ESY and it was really kinda yucky. I mean -- summer school?! THEN get picked up by an aide, go to ANOTHER setting, etc.

After all this work, I'm feeling guilty. We went to the beach yesterday, and he was happy as a clam, chatting, acting totally typical. Then this morning -- shut down, almost silent.

If you were me... would you just go ahead with the program as planned? Pull him out of ESY and assume work won't pick up too much? I'm really confused!


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Wed, 07-02-2003 - 4:30pm
If I were you, I think I'd stick with the plan you've got in place. You've got a lot of things going in favor of that, I believe. First, if your ds is able to be *in* ESY then he must be eligible or considered to be needing those services. You're doubly fortunate in having the teacher be a trusted one from your son's past! The first day is always a little funky with our kids, isn't it? Well, I can certainly say it usually is with mine...and usually also the next, and the day after that, and so on...;o) I'd imagine that he will soon internalize this new "summer routine" and be okay with it all. It's not a sin to have some free time for you, mom, in this work lull.....and should work crank up again, there won't be two of you adjusting to change at the same time. Just my two bits....

Lots of luck,