I'm back

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I'm back
Tue, 07-29-2003 - 3:06pm
Well, it was a very nice little wedding. There were only about 45 people there and it was held in a beautiful, tiny garden. It was quite peaceful. Most of the adults there were very familiar with the Spectrum and the issues our kids face, so the girls were able to 'run free' w/o DH and I having to worry too much.

Infact, one of my mom's boarders is a 27yo man with AS and he was sooooo happy to have my family descend upon the ranch. He said it was like "being visited by an onvoy from the 'homeworld'". LOL. My mom said she had never seen him open up and talk to others before like he did over the weekend, she said he seemed so 'NT'ish. :)

I have to say, it was verrry nice to be able to have a 'break' from the kids. They were always there (somewhere) but I didn't have to worry about whether Jade was going to try to chase a scorpion down (all bugs must die) or whether Eva was going to get herself killed by climbing on things she shouldn't. There was always a pair of 'autism educated eyes' around, no matter where they went. LOL, it also helps that my mom re-vamped her property to be 'aspie friendly' with lots of little things of interst to look at, places where people could be *alone without actually being alone(unsupervised)*, and all the typical dangers of ranch life had been removed form the living compound (no barbed wire, sharp objects, unpainted surfaces, etc.) and adults were 'stationed' at key places around the proterty.

We had a good time over all. Eva had a few diabetic problems, but nothing a few vanilla waffers and more frequent eating couldn't handle. :) Glad to be back. Now I just have to get back into the swing of things.



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Tue, 07-29-2003 - 8:10pm
Welcome back !I'm glad you are the co CL. I'm happy to hear you had a fun, safe wedding @ your Mom's. Where does she live? You mentioned a ranch. Does she have animals like horses, chickens,etc? I bet the kids would enjoy that. We're going on vacation on Sat.We'll be gone for 2 wks. We're flying back east to Pa. from Cal. to see my dad(widowed) & my 2 older sisters. Then, after we get back we're going to Las Vegas for a few hot days to see my new great-niece. My dh is not going. He doesn't usually make the trip. I can't even think about back to school. It depresses me to see all the stuff in stores already! I wish I could home-school like you do. I like when my kids are @ home in the summer.Well take care, I wonder how Renee's cross country trip is going??? MaryAnn