Important laws are changing for our kids

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Important laws are changing for our kids
Sat, 09-06-2003 - 2:17pm
In September, the Senate is likely to consider bills to water down the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). The House of Representatives already passed a bill gutting the IDEA. Now, it’s the Senate’s turn to consider its bill, S. 1248. The current Senate bill, S. 1248, protects kids better than the House bill, but still waters down the rights of disabled children. Amendments to water it down even more are expected in September. The Senate Republican Policy Committee has urged Senators to replace the Senate bill with the much worse House bill (H.R. 1350). The American Academy of Pediatrics, Children's Defense Fund, Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund, and others believe the House bill will hurt disabled kids

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Sat, 09-06-2003 - 8:19pm
In that site is a letter to give to your doctors to send to Senate Majority Leader Dr. Bill Frisk. If you take out the first paragraph, you can send a copy of the letter to all of your friends and ask them to send it Senator Frisk. I got creative and sent it to my Representative and Senators. It's a horrible thing the House bill (I'm not so sure the Senate bill is any better)and maybe flooding their mailboxes might get their attention.

There's also a letter to send to your local paper, which I did.

Sometimes, when I need to get myself angry enough to take action I listen to my favorite song from the 80's Twisted Sister "We're not gonna take it". After that I go on a letter writing crusade energized with productive rage.


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Sun, 09-07-2003 - 11:14am
Thank you VERY much for this information. We should ALL write our senators without delay. I will post this on my other boards as well.